Install WhatsApp on multiple devices: with the same number

Install WhatsApp on multiple devices: with the same number

WhatsApp has introduced an improved multi-device mode which finally allows you to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices simultaneously. This is a long-awaited function that should simplify daily messaging.

Using your WhatsApp account on several devices simultaneously is not that easy. Given that a WhatsApp account has so far been limited to use on a single smartphone. Users had to link their phone number to an account to use. However, this is not very practical for those who have two smartphones – and therefore two different telephone numbers – but wish to keep a single WhatsApp account, bringing together all their contacts and all their conversations.

The multi-device mode partially solved the problem. Since January 2023, up to four additional devices can be associated with the same account without the need to maintain a link with the mobile – no need to keep the phone to which the account is linked nearby and keep it connected to the Internet. However, this has so far only concerned computers using the Desktop version of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Web online service. But that was before. In a blog post published on April 25, 2023, Meta announced that a WhatsApp account can now be used on four different devices, including several smartphones, thanks to a new function which, after a beta of a few days, will be gradually rolled out in the coming weeks to the general public around the world. Please note, on tablets, WhatsApp Web must be accessed from a browser, making sure to activate the display of the Web page in "computer version", since there is no compatible mobile application.

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How many devices can you connect to WhatsApp?

With this enhancement to WhatsApp's multi-device mode, users can switch between phones without logging out and pick up conversations where they left off. Additionally, each paired device connects to WhatsApp independently. Thus, personal messages, media, and calls are end-to-end encrypted. Also, if the primary device is idle for a long time, WhatsApp automatically disconnects all paired devices. In addition, the chat history is also synchronized across the different devices.

Meta has also launched another way to link its WhatsApp account to other devices. The user can enter their phone number on WhatsApp Web to receive a one-time code on their smartphone to activate the account on another device, rather than having to scan a QR code.

How to use WhatsApp on multiple devices?

To be able to use the same WhatsApp account on several devices, you must first associate them with the account created on your smartphone. Here is the simple and quick procedure:

  • You must first update the WhatsApp app on your main smartphone to ensure that you have the most recent version.
  • Once the app is updated on your main smartphone, launch WhatsApp and go to the app Settings by pressing the three small dots at the top right on Android or the gear at the bottom on iPhone – then go to the Connected devices menu.
  • Press the OK button to activate the function.
  • Then tap Connect device.
  • Now, go to the device you want to connect to your WhatsApp account, be it a smartphone, computer, or tablet. All you have to do is follow the procedure described in our practical sheet to link this new device to your account.
  • Remember, if you want to connect a tablet, make sure to use your web browser by opting for the "computer version" display from its settings (here Firefox on an Android tablet).
  • Then just follow the same procedure to scan the QR code displayed on the screen.
  • If you want to connect another smartphone, simply scan the QR code that is on your secondary device, and you're done!
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