Create stickers for WhatsApp: online, iPhone, on PC

Create stickers for WhatsApp: online, iPhone, on PC

Stickers have developed into a fun and creative way to make conversations on WhatsApp more interesting. Users can download pre-existing sticker packs, but now it is also possible to create your own stickers, even using your face! In this article we will show you how to create WhatsApp stickers.

How to create personalised WhatsApp stickers?

In order to create your own WhatsApp stickers, download a sticker making app, such as Sticker Maker or Sticker Studio (or any other preferred sticker app). Most apps work in the same way to create your personalised sticker. Once you’ve installed the app, select the ‘upload picture’ option-normally indicated with the + symbol. After your picture has been uploaded to the app, you can edit and cut it into the desired shape of your sticker. Following this just save your new sticker either in your photo gallery or in your new sticker-pack, from which you can export it into WhatsApp whenever you like. Enjoy using stickers time and time again in your conversations with family and friends!

WhatsApp stickers
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How to create WhatsApp stickers online?

If you prefer to not download an app to your phone, then you can use WASticker

  • To use WASticker, open the webpage on your mobile browser, on your phone, laptop or PC. 
  • Click select image to add the image that you want to turn into a sticker. Once the image has finished uploading, add your WhatsApp Number. Images need to be in a JPG, PNG or WEBP format. If you want to have an animated sticker, then you can use GIF
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  • You will then need to crop the image into a 1:1 ratio using the cropping tool.
  • Once you are happy with the sticker that you have created, select create and then send.
  • The sticker will then be sent to the WhatsApp number that you entered. All you have to do is then add the sticker to your favourites. Some stickers work better than others, and images without a background may look better, or at least more sticker like when you send them on WhatsApp. 

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