How to delete WhatsApp messages: for everyone, permanently

How to delete WhatsApp messages: for everyone, permanently

WhatsApp has a "Delete for Everyone" feature that allows users to delete the messages they have sent - up to seven minutes after they have sent them. The users just have to update their app to the latest build to access this feature. Read this article to know how to delete or recall messages on WhatsApp.

Can you delete a WhatsApp message after it's sent?

Yes, you can delete a WhatsApp message from your phone after it has been sent, you can also delete a message from the recipients phone, however there is a time limit of 7 minutes. It is also possible that they will have been able to see the message before you were able to delete the message, either by looking at the message directly on the app, or through the notifications of their phone. 

If you were paying attention, you may have been able to see that there was only a single grey tick before you deleted the message. If this is the case, then they didn't read the message in time. If there were two blue ticks to the message, and the user was online, then it is safe to assume that they were able to see the message before you deleted it. 

How to delete delivered WhatsApp messages?

The process involved is similar to any other messaging service. Go to the interface and click on the chat in which you want to delete a message:

  • Tap and hold the message you want to delete for three seconds. Click on the dustbin icon:
  • Select the DELETE FOR EVERYONE option. The message will be deleted.
  • Although the receiver will be aware that a message was sent and deleted. The receiver will see This message was deleted.

Note: There is no way of deleting a message without the other party knowing that the message has been deleted.

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