How to Schedule messages on WhatsApp: Android, iPhone

How to Schedule messages on WhatsApp: Android, iPhone

Scheduling messages can save you a lot of time and can be a convenient way to send notifications, unfortunately WhatsApp does not allow you to do so in the app. Luckily there are a few 3rd party apps that allow you to do so. In this article we will show you how to schedule messages for WhatsApp on Android and iPhone.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp for Android?

SKEDit Scheduling App is another free Android app that also allows you to schedule messages to send in advance. Not only is this app compatible with WhatsApp, but it also allows you to schedule SMSs, emails, and other notifications. It's the perfect solution for scheduling birthday wishes, work emails, event reminders, and so on. To get started simply download the app, create an account, and then select how you want to send the message. You'll be able to write your message and set the delivery date and time. However, in order to use this app you must remove screen lock and having a Wi-Fi connection.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages on iPhone?

There are apps that you can use to schedule messages on iPhone, such as Scheduled App, but in this guide we will use the Shortcuts app. Whilst you can schedule a message, you cannot actually get the app to send the message for you, it will simply send you a notification with the message that you wanted to send.

First go to the App Store and download the app to your iPhone. Using the Automation tab you can create personal automation. From here you can select time of day to program when you want to send a WhatsApp message. In the Add Action field search for text and then enter the message you want to send. Once you have finished writing the message select send message via WhatsApp and choose the recipient. When you are happy with the message and the programmed time, click Done. At your chosen message time, you will receive a notification - click on the notification and the message will be entered into WhatsApp ready for you to send it.

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