Create a Chatbot: free, online, for website

Create a Chatbot: free, online, for website

Have you ever thought to ​​create your own virtual assistant? Luckily there are a few options to make virtual assistants similar to the most famous ones, Siri and Alexa. If you're running a small or medium company and you need to automate some processes, a chatbox driven by a virtual assistant could be a good solution for you. Creating your own chatbot or assistant has never been easier. Here's how to get started.

Virtual assistants have commonly been used to provide answers to specific questions, as well as send messages or manage tasks, such as making hotel reservations or buying train tickets. These virtual assistant systems use artificial intelligence to improve and refine themselves automatically. However in addition to these previously mentioned functions, virtual assistants can also be used to collect valuable information and for other more diverse tasks.

There are currently a few standard programs that will allow you to develop a chatbox virtual assistant, which is particularly popular for managing online customer service via chat. Below are our three recommended apps and services to create your own chatbot or virtual assistant in just a few steps.


Chatfuel is a tool created to interact with users specifically through Facebook Messenger. This chatbot service uses conversation modules that combine personalised questions and answers, and it is available in several languages. Chatfuel is one of the most recommended options for those who need to give automatic and real-time answers to a series of frequently asked questions.

Flo XO

Flox XO is a service that allows you to build a chatbox using three different modules. With this service, the user can link a question to several possible answers or to a specific actions in a service such as Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Trello. Flo XO is perhaps not the best option for those who want to launch a virtual assistant for the first time, because of the extent of customisation options. However we should note it is the stronger options for functionality, given its range of possibilities. is a service that uses preset bots to manage all kinds of spaces, from restaurants and classes to events and legal procedures. With you can use templates based on HTML code, which is compatible with many CMSs such as Wordpress. You can even launch a bot from scratch without having to use code, thanks to its intuitive interface.

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