Outlook 2010 - disable the CTRL + Enter keyboard shortcut

Microsoft Outlook 2010 provides the option to send emails with the CTRL + Enter key combination that can be used as a shortcut. However, users can disable the CTRL + Enter keyboard shortcut if they want to. The keyboard shortcut can be removed from the File Options menu. From the Mail tab and the Send Message section of the Outlook 2010 software, the configuration for CTRL + Enter keys must be disabled for sending a message. To enable it, the box next to the CTRL + Enter send a message needs to be checked.

Under Outlook, the CTRL + Enter Key combo is used to send your emails, but if you find it annoying, here's how to disable it:
  • Open Outlook> click on File > Options
  • Select the Mail tab > scroll to the "Send Message" Section
  • Uncheck the box next to "CTRL + ENTER sends a message"

  • Confirm with the OK button.
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