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cameroid.com - - take a photo with your webcam

Cameroid.com is an internet website that allows users to take photographs with the webcam attached to the computer. There are various special effects that can be included in the photographs taken through the website. For example, an interesting effect is where the user can juxtapose the image taken on cartoons and caricatures provided on the site for a humorous effect. Cameroid.com requires access to the system's microphone and webcam. The picture taken through Cameroid.com can be downloaded and saved to the computer. Taking photographs with the webcam with cameroid.com can be an interesting experience.

cameroid.com is a website that allows you to take pictures using the webcam of your PC. You can choose between normal or take a picture with some of the effects included.

To take a picture, follow these steps:
  • Go to: http://www.cameroid.com/
  • Click on the Snap. tab and and you shall be requested access to the camera and microphone (activate the webcam of your PC), click on "Allow".

In the right column you have different effects that can be applied to your image.

  • To download the picture to your hard drive click on the "Download to JPGfile" button.


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