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Web MSN Messenger

It is now possible to go online without downloading MSN Messenger. Get connected from a mobile or a PDA anywhere and any time with the new web-based MSN Messenger.

Web-based MSN Messenger is available for free from the official MSN site, as well as a number of alternate sites. If you're looking to download the software but are unsure which version would be most compatible with your computer, or are doubtful of the reliability of some of the sources, here's a quick look at some of your options.

Web Messenger for MSN

Web Messenger for MSN allows users to connect to their messenger accounts from any computer that is compatible with the messenger program.

Here are a few addresses where you can access this service for free:

Microsoft's official website (for MSN and Yahoo! Subscribers):

MSN2Go is alternative website for MSN and Yahoo! subscribers:

eBuddy provides an alternative for MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, Gtalk, and Myspace subscribers:

Meebo can be used by MSN, Yahoo, AIM (AOL), GoogleTalk, ICQ, and Jabber subscribers:

MessengerFX can be used by MSN, Yahoo and AIM subscribers:

F1 Messenger - Web based Live Messenger (Beta):

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