How To Delete a Facebook Account

March 2018

If you have had enough of your Facebook account, the social network offers you the option to either deactivate or permanently delete your account.

This article will explain how to permanently delete a Facebook account. It will also provide a quick tip on how to reactivate your account, if it has been previously deactivated.

Deactivate a Facebook Account

Deactivating your Facebook account is a partial way to step back from the community, without destroying all of the information contained in your account. If you wish to do the latter, please see below for information on permanent account deletion.

To deactivate your Facebook account, click the arrow in the top-right corner and select Settings. On the lefthand side, click General > Manage Your Account > Deactivate.

Permanently Delete a Facebook Account

Permanently deleting your account is the way that you may remove your account and all of your information from the platform, for good.

To get started, go to the following link, which gives you direct access to the account deletion form. Upon opening the link, you will receive the following message:

Click Delete My Account. You will then be required to enter your password and a capcha:

Then, select Ok to finish the process.

Reactivate a Facebook Account

Once a Facebook account is deleted, you'll be given 15 days to reactivate your account before it is permanently deleted from the system. During this 15 days waiting period, do not try to access your account otherwise, the deletion process will be cancelled.

To reactivate your Facebook account, simply sign in to Facebook using your email address and password. The account activity will be sufficient to reactivate your account.

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