Facebook - How to Send a Message to Multiple Users

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This tutorial explains how to send a message to multiple users on Facebook, which can be quite useful when you want to invite your friends to party or schedule a meeting. You can use one of the methods described below to easily broadcast your messages on Facebook:

Create a Group (Chat)

Messages sent in a group chat are visible to all the members of the group. You can, for example, create groups for your close friends, colleagues or family and thus communicate with these people in a more efficient way.

Connect to Facebook and click on Create group. Give a name to the new group and type the name of the people you want to add in the Members field:

Set the Privacy setting to Secret if you don't other people on Facebook to have access to your group and then click on Create.

Sending a message to multiple contacts

The second method involves using the Chat feature of Facebook. You can indeed send a message to up to 150 users at once. Click on New Message:

A new chat window opens, type the names of your contacts in the To section, write your message and click on Send:

NB: You simply have to type the first letter and Facebook will display all contacts whose name start or contain the selected letter.
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