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How To Save Webpages as PDF Files on Mac with Safari

Safari is a web browser which comes already installed with Apple devices such as Macs, iPods, iPhones and others. Using this browser you can easily save web pages in the PDF format. It comes in handy if you want to save your important emails, favourite web pages or articles which you would like to read later. This article will show you how to create PDF documents of web pages using Safari.

How to Save Web Pages in PDF Files on Mac

There are three different ways to save your web page as a PDF document in Safari. You can use Print options, Export as PDF function or Reader View.

Save a Web Page Using Print Options

Open the web page which you’d like to save as a PDF in Safari browser. Then click on File and choose Print...:

Choose Save as PDF option at the end of the dialog window. Finally, you just need to decide where you want to keep it:

Export a Web Page as PDF

You can simply export your page as PDF in Safari. Open Safari browser and the desired web page, then click on the File menu and choose Export as PDF option. Set the file name and choose a file destination. Press Save.

Save a Web Page Using Reader View in Safari

Reader View in Safari helps you to see your web page in a more convenient way of reading. The font is bigger and the layout looks more like the one you can find in books or printed journals and magazines so it’s more convenient to use for documents with a lot of text.

Open the article you would like to save in Safari. Pull down the View menu and choose the Show Reader.

Next click on the File menu and Export as PDF. Choose the file destination, press Save and enjoy reading.

Note: Some websites will not allow you to use the Reader View due to its ability to hide ads. If this is the case, the Show Reader button will be greyed out.

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