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How To Make a Poll on Facebook

Facebook polls are a handy way to gather opinions from your social circle on various topics for both professional and personal uses. Have ever you seen a poll on Facebook and wondered how to create a poll of your own? This article will show you how it’s done, using either a simple method, a complex method, or Google Forms.

How To Create a Simple Poll Using a Status Update

Simple polls are closed, question-based questionnaires for which responses are fixed. To take a simple poll of your friends and followers, open your Status pane, and select the three horizontal dots to reveal all of the menu options:

Scroll down to select Poll:

In the Ask Something... field, enter the question that you would like to ask. In the Option fields below, enter the possible responses:

Click the downward-facing arrow next to the timing option to select how long your poll will last:

Select Post to launch the poll. This polling method can be effective as it is a very basic. To make the message more attractive, add a photo to the question.

The only disadvantage is that, unlike the old Question tool on Facebook, you can not follow the statistics of the survey as responses are submitted.

How To Create a Simple Poll Using the My Polls App

For complex polls, visit the My Polls site, which is a Facebook application specifically for making polls. Once you reach the page, select Get Started Now. Then, enter the title of your poll and select Continue. Next select Confirm to authorize access with your Facebook account.

In the next window, you can begin composing your poll:

In the Question box, enter the question that you would like to ask, and in the Question Type field, select how you would like to ask the questions. The questions type defines the response type; options include Text box, Multiple choice, Checkboxes, Drop-down list, Scale of 1 to 5, Ranking, and more.

The Options fields will adjust based on the question type selected, and they are modifiable. When entering your potential responses, you can also make set the question as mandatory by selecting This is a mandatory question under the Configurations section. In this section you can also remove numbers from your questions by selecting Use stars instead of numbers. To save your question, select Save, and the questions will be displayed as a preview:

The icons at the top of each question box allow you to Edit, Copy, Change the positioning of, or Delete the question. From the preview, you can also add another question by selecting Add Question. To continue to the final preview, select Next : Preview:

From this window, users can modify the format by selecting Layout and preview the mobile version by selecting Mobile preview. To publish, select Next : Publish:

In the last window, you have two options to send the poll: to make a status update or to invite friends individually. To share the poll in a status update, copy the URL and post it in your status update. You can also select Add to Facebook Page, if you have a specific Facebook page on which to post the poll. To invite friends individually, select Invite friends. To see your poll stats, select All polls at the bottom of the screen.

Using Google Forms

Another way to post a poll on Facebook is to use Google Forms to create the poll and then Facebook to share it. Composing a poll on Google Forms works similarly to Facebook's My Polls application. When you are done creating it, to share the poll, simply add the URL shared by Google in a status update.

There are two key advantages to this option: responses can be easily extracted in Excel, and the tool offers more personalization capabilities than Facebook's tool.

Image: © Facebook.

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