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Facebook Messenger: How to download audio files?

Facebook Messenger allows users to send messages, attach photos, videos, documents and also audio files. Whilst you can easily save photos and videos to your phone, Facebook doesn’t allow you to download audio directly through the Messenger app. In this article we will show you three different methods for how you can download audio files from Messenger onto your phone, or PC, so you no longer need to be connected to Messenger to listen to them.

With a Mobile Browser

  • Simply use your mobile browser and go to m.facebook.com (this is the mobile version of the webpage - do not just use facebook.com) and login to your account. Now go to your messages and open the conversation with the audio message you want to download.

  • Select the audio file, and the file should begin downloading.

  • If you are on a desktop computer or laptop, then the process is similar. Again, go to m.facebook.com and then to your message with the audio file. Click the three vertical dots on the right side of the audio clip. Select download and the file will be downloaded onto your PC.

With Google Chrome

  • With Google Chrome’s developer tools it is possible to download audio files from Facebook Messenger. This method is slightly more complicated than just using m.facebook.com.

  • You will need to open the Google Chrome browser and go to the specific Facebook chat with the audio file. Now, to use the developer tools you need to select the 3 vertical dots icon in the top-right of Chrome, then go to more tools > developer tools. There is also a keyboard shortcut for launching developer tools: Ctrl + Shift + I

  • The DevTools pop-up window will appear.

  • Select the Network tab.

  • In the Facebook messenger window, play the audio file. Once the audio file is playing, go to the DevTools window where you will the audio file, beginning with “audioclip”.

  • Double click on the audio file name and you will begin downloading it to your downloads folder.

You should now be able to freely playback the audio file. You may need to use VLC media player if your PC’s built in media player does not work.

With an Audio Recorder App

A third and final method for downloading audio from Facebook Messenger is to record it using an audio recorder app, such as Audacity.

Whilst technically this isn’t downloading the original audio file, you are creating a new recording of the audio file which can then be saved to your computer. This method is not as clean as the previous two methods, as there is most likely to be background noise, and a poorer quality of audio depending on the microphone that you use to record it.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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