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How To Change Computer System Language

Computer users are often faced with the ordeal of changing the pre-set language of their operating system, either from English to the language of their choice or from another language to English. However, with some basic formatting knowledge, customising your OS is simple. This do-it-yourself procedure works for most updated versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

How To Change Windows Display Language

Go to Control Panel > Windows Update, and download the language pack under Optional windows update. Other operating systems, including Windows Vista may require a slightly modified procedure.

Press the Windows key + I. Click Time & Language > Region & Language > Add a language.

Find the language that you would like to add, then download any necessary language packs by clicking Options. Next, click Set as default. If possible, set your country or region to receive local content.

Next, press the Windows key + X to launch the Power User menu. Click Control Panel > Add a language > Advanced settings > Apply language settings to the Welcome screen, system accounts, and new user accounts.

Under the Welcome screen and new user accounts section on the Administrative tab, click Copy settings, then check the boxes next to Welcome screen and system accounts and New user accounts. Click OK twice.

Upon restarting your computer, your new default language should be the one that you chose during the process.

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