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Asus laptop - Volume Buttons not working

These days Laptop / computers like Asus come with handy shortcut buttons on the keyboard to give users easy access to different features. These features include multimedia options such as volume buttons and system options such as brightness, power management etc. With Asus laptops, one should be careful while removing bloatwares using specialized softwares. One may accidentally remove some of the hotkeys required for the volume buttons to work properly. These hotkeys can be retrieved by doing a system restore.

Volume Buttons not working on an Asus Laptop


I just bought an Asus N61JQ-X1 laptop and immediately proceeded to remove the bloatware using PC decrapifier. Everything works great except for the volume function buttons on the keyboard, which don't work at all (other function buttons such as brightness do work). Also, the volume buttons above the keyboard on the Altec Lansing speakers don't work. The volume control on the windows taskbar and the speakers themselves are working properly. I'm wondering if I may have accidentally removed something that was needed for these buttons to work.


I did a system restore and it turns out I did remove something essential: the ATK and ATKOSD2 Hotkey, which seem to be necessary for the volume function buttons!


Solved by jefffrozen on the forum.

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