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  • Disable the FN key of my keyboard Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a notebook fujitsu siemens amilo ui 3520 and I change my keybord and I cand deactivate fn...i try doesn't work what...

    a3ex | Windows | Latest reply: DrJaleel Mar 22, 2019
    46 replies
  • Windows was unable to complete the format Solved/Closed

    Hello, One of my hard disk partition is unable to be formatted by Windows and when I try to open it, Windows ask me to format it. It is now emp...

    ALLAWY | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Mar 21, 2019
    6 replies
  • windows services stop automaticily Solved/Closed

    Hello, I m deepak. how can I solve the problem which is that the windows services stop automaticily. whenever I want to access other computers th...

    depu | Windows | Latest reply: Paul Mar 19, 2019
    10 replies
  • Asus "FN" keys not working for other keys Solved/Closed


    onin | Windows | Latest reply: cdvewflcf Mar 19, 2019
    49 replies
  • Need my CD music transferred to documents section Closed

    For the site I want to upload to when I click browse, the documents section comes up and is the only way to upload the songs. How do I send C.D. on co...

    Marty | Windows | Latest reply: JokerYoung Mar 18, 2019
    3 replies
  • sony VAIO E Series windows 8 downgrade it to Windows 7 Solved/Closed

    Hello, I bought sony vaio E Series /Model:sve14125cxw/ with windows 8. And I want to downgrade it to Windows 7. Problem is when I pressed red Assis...

    Rednex | Windows 8 | Latest reply: al Mar 16, 2019
    5 replies
  • My laptop says I have no audio device Solved/Closed

    Hi, I followed other peoples advice on different forums but none of them fixed/matched my problem, the little speaker icon in the bottom corner say...

    danny | Windows | Latest reply: Anon Mar 16, 2019
    146 replies
  • How to disable Windows asking if a file with the exact same name should be overw Closed

    So i was searching the registry for any key that might allow me to disable windows asking "A file with the same name exists! Overwrite?" From path X t...

    CrazyNickname | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Mar 12, 2019
    1 reply
  • Keyboard produces numbers instead of letters Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have problem with my hp pavilion laptop . When the num lock is ON I can't write letters L, U and some other letters. Fn+num lock does not h...

    edita | Windows | Latest reply: mick Mar 12, 2019
    82 replies
  • how do I get into my computer Solved/Closed

    how do I get into my computer with no disc or passwords?

    skinnypig | Windows Vista | Latest reply: skinnypig Mar 10, 2019
    2 replies
  • Computer enters power saving mode - my lessons and solutions Solved

    Hello, I have had this "Computer enters Power Saving Mode" nagging problem for years. Each time I manage to solve it, pass it or reduce it, I ...

    LuisFGG | Windows | Latest reply: hello Mar 8, 2019
    2 replies
  • Free Diy recovery software for HP laptop win 7 Closed

    Also nothing comes up on screen Please help k

    Chefkb | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Mar 7, 2019
    1 reply
  • XP 10 dual boot - XP startup error Closed

    When I start the computer in XP mode, a message about some failure appears and the list of possibilities to run can be selected - emergency mode, norm...

    devoreaux | Windows | Latest reply: devoreaux Mar 7, 2019
    9 replies
  • what if the command system does not work Closed

    Hello, I have a USB stick and all of my files seem to have disappeared. I have followed the command instructions to retrieve my files back , and i...

    Mariska | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Mar 5, 2019
    1 reply
  • cpu won't pass the bios booting. Closed

    Hello, I don't know if I'm gonna get any help, my CPU for my desktop fires up properly fans run and slow down it won't (CPU) pass the bios stage, just...

    bonganimoyo | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Mar 3, 2019
    1 reply
  • windows xp sp3 on intel core i7 Closed

    my computer is stuck in a reboot loop. I have an intel core i7 desktop computer. it is windows xp professiona sp3. the problem happened after I instal...

    shanesha | Windows XP | Latest reply: xpcman Feb 27, 2019
    1 reply
  • Directory structure Closed

    I just formatted a 16GB Kingston Data Traveller and put a couple of folders on it. Why does File explorer show it twice, with identical structure?

    Zoega | Windows 10 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 26, 2019
    10 replies
  • how to change task bar color Closed

    Hello, Taskbar color was changed by updates. How to I change it back? (Black)

    arjay010 | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 25, 2019
    1 reply
  • fn key + space bar? Solved/Closed

    Hey, I accidentally pressed the fn key and space bar and that changed my screen configuration, making it wider. I tried changing it back fron control ...

    Zideh | Windows | Latest reply: ellabella Feb 25, 2019
    14 replies
  • error while installing windows XP Solved/Closed

    Hello,I am nani. I have bought a laptop dell inspiron 1525 with windows vista home premium. It is not supporting c language. So I installed XP. While ...

    nani | Windows XP | Latest reply: trivanks Feb 22, 2019
    24 replies
  • One certain site will not load! Help! Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a website that I am trying to access that keeps coming up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". The link was working fin...

    Cash_Queen | Windows | Latest reply: FazlurRahman Feb 22, 2019
    43 replies
  • My laptop shut down automatically Closed

    Hi, My laptop shut down shortly after I turned it on by itself! I tried to log with my other account and no problem faced, but when I log to my ...

    JohnPillai | Windows 10 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 21, 2019
    1 reply
  • Fn key type numbers and symbols instead Solved/Closed

    Hello, the 'Fn' key make me type numbers and symbols instead of letters when I want to. However, it looks as if the 'Fn' key was stucked. I can'...

    trip | Windows | Latest reply: IT Feb 21, 2019
    101 replies
  • Won't turn on... But won't turn off Closed

    Hello, So I have a Lenovo Thinkpad laptop and it kept saying that my cmos battery was critically low. So I replaced it. But now it won't power on th...

    Exrage | Windows 10 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 20, 2019
    1 reply
  • How do I make files save onto my local disk D Solved/Closed

    I have a 130 GB hard drive in my local disk (D:) and there only 15 GB in my local disk (C:) and everything I put onto my computer goes to the local di...

    Josh | Windows | Latest reply: JamesAvery Feb 19, 2019
    22 replies
  • XP will not even boot in safe mode Closed

    Hello, I've read through this thread and can't find a solution. A few months ago I picked up an Optical mouse from Wallyworld, (Onn wired optical). It...

    DC1_wrenchman | Windows XP | Latest reply: DC1_wrenchman Feb 12, 2019
    2 replies
  • Laptop brightness not coming up when it gets to the welcome screen Closed

    Hello, good laptop when its turning on usually turn on with the brightness being sharp but once it get to that welcome screen the brightness ...

    Emmex | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 11, 2019
    1 reply
  • Cannot connect to internet with XP Closed

    Hello, Hi i got a HP windows xp cant connect to the internet

    Firestormkis39 | Windows XP | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 11, 2019
    1 reply
  • Acer V15 Nitro - Black Edition Closed


    DongusEddy | Windows 10 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 9, 2019
    1 reply
  • File History Solved/Closed

    Hello, I need help. I installed Windows 10 Enterprise on my boss's Fujitsi Lifebook E756 laptop. Now, I would like to activate for data backup thro...

    bertrandmekongo | Windows 10 | Latest reply: bertrandmekongo Feb 5, 2019
    8 replies
  • It takes Windows too long to start. Please help Closed

    I apologize in advance for my lame English. I did System Restore, and after 20 minunets or so there was a power outage. When I restarted the pc, it s...

    RotemF | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 4, 2019
    5 replies
  • Laptop only shows wallpaper and not responding any key input. Closed

    Hello, Tried cont-del-alt and restart many times still the same.

    ndgogogo | Windows 10 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 4, 2019
    1 reply
  • Boot failure ....not starting my pc Closed

    Hello, My system boot failure

    Sdhamid | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 4, 2019
    1 reply
  • Blue screen while trying to install XP Solved/Closed

    Hello, I tried to install windows xp professional on my acer system. I made my first bootable device as cd rom and the second as HDD. The system b...

    sarvan | Windows XP | Latest reply: IanLang Jan 30, 2019
    37 replies
  • Fix the Hidden Files Option is Not Showing Issue in Windows 10 Solved/Closed

    Microsoft Windows has a feature to hide files, so that they are not visible to second person using the PC or laptop. Moreover, Windows itself hide the...

    KumarSandeep43 | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Jean-François Pillou Jan 30, 2019
    1 reply
  • Failed to install Windows XP over Vista Closed

    Hi, My daughter tried installing XP over Vista. Didn't work, so how can I fix it? Laptop was given to me with no recovery disc.

    lkboone | Windows Vista | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 29, 2019
    5 replies
  • How to split number and text in excel into different columns Solved/Closed

    Good day Please assist with a formula what I can use to split text and number from one column into two columns. This is what I have COLUMN A A...

    Gerberreinette | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 29, 2019
    6 replies
  • Systematically booting twice Closed

    Hello gents, So my PC runs windows 7 64 bits, and my graphic card is a GeForce GTX 750 A couple of weeks ago suddenly my computer started acting w...

    Moutishake | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 28, 2019
    1 reply
  • Dell laptop Blank screen issues Solved/Closed

    Hello Please I desperately need a help for my dell laptop inspiron 1520 windows xp for it has suddenly went black for quite some days now. I have tri...

    Victoriamichael | Windows XP | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 25, 2019
    6 replies
  • My PC keeps hanging Closed

    Hello, My PC is always dead hanging. Many times I tried this methods and hard reset also to no avail. Kindly give any best solutions.

    Shejo | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Iamanidiot Jan 25, 2019
    1 reply
  • My pen drive's size is reduced Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am seeing this msg when ever I try to format my 2GB pen drive " Windows cannot format this drive" and my pen drive's capacity is also de...

    riya | Windows | Latest reply: nitesh Jan 25, 2019
    11 replies
  • Windows script host Closed

    Hello, I am not able to find script file. "C:\users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\NYoLi\LRlyC,vbs". I don't know how to solve this problem. Will b...

    Pushkaraj | Windows 10 | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 23, 2019
    1 reply
  • No audio output device is installed Closed

    Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron N5110 with Windows 7 Home Basic 64 bit. In device manger I found a Bluetooth audio device in Sound, Video, and Contr...

    D_rock | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Iamanidiot Jan 23, 2019
    3 replies
  • How to downgrade to Windows7 from Windows 10 Closed

    I downloaded windows 10 when it was free to switch, I had windows 7. windows 10 has just been trouble since i got it & I'd like to get Windows 7 back...

    elisabeth | Windows 7 | Latest reply: jhndevid44 Jan 23, 2019
    7 replies
  • I accidentally deleted the files on the desktop, but now I can’t find it anymore Closed

    Hi, Yesterday, when the child was playing computer games, I accidentally deleted one of my folders. I can't find this information on the recycle bi...

    nanawang | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Daniel Telele Jan 23, 2019
    1 reply
  • Shift key stuck Closed

    Hello, Too type something i need to hold the shift key and the letter and it takes way to long and it keeps making a beep noise when I type what...

    Aqua | Windows | Latest reply: peter_barnett Jan 22, 2019
    1 reply
  • Windows update error Solved/Closed

    Windows 10 update came in April. I updated my PC but update fail and I have 2 errors now: 1. Update error 0x80240034 2. Display drivers failed to ...

    EnderDefende... | Windows 10 | Latest reply: RomShark Jan 21, 2019
    3 replies
  • My computer is stuck performing automatic ide confirmation Closed

    Hello, My computer is stuck at "performing automatic ide confirmation." What should I do?

    Emmanuel_5653 | Windows 7 | Latest reply: peter_barnett Jan 21, 2019
    1 reply
  • Windows 7 upgrade key Solved/Closed

    Hello, Looking for Windows 7 upgrade key before I have to buy one.

    Castleforge | Windows | Latest reply: Spaham Jan 18, 2019
    3 replies
  • Bios settings Closed

    Hello, Using an HP desktop All-In-One running Windows 7 can't get it past the startup keyboard won't work to enter the password but works fine befor...

    mccslice | Windows 7 | Latest reply: kieferschild Jan 18, 2019
    1 reply