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  • How to buy a refurbished iPhone: from Apple, Back market

    Nowadays we have the possibility to buy used or semi-new iPhones for a considerably reduced price compared to a new one. These are reconditioned iPhones, meaning that they've been reviewed with a special service that inspects the phone and makes the proper repairs to make it good as new. This system brings the old smartphone back to a complete functionality and it's ready to pass onto the hands of it's next owner.

  • How to adopt a pet: useful websites and apps

    Thinking of adopting a pet? It is common to have questions about their care and behavior. In this case, you should know that with your computer or mobile device you can access a world of advice, friendships, and even first aid information. Keep reading to find out our top sites that will help you take care of your loved one.

  • Most Famous Hackers in History

    Everyday cybersecurity systems are evolving their protection of millions of people and businesses against increasing risks. However at the same time, hackers continue to improve their ability to find and exploit vulnerabilities. In our ever-increasingly connected world, staying safe online is more important than ever.

  • Apps to learn languages: free, offline, fast

    Learning a foreign language can change our life, allowing us to expand our horizons into new possibilities that can bring positive experiences. In this article, you will find a list of our recommended apps to get you started in a foreign language. Which one would you like to learn?

  • Top neobanks in 2022: secure, reliable, quick

    Neobanks are booming and more people are now starting to use their services. These banks are entities that work exclusively online and offer a wide range of new advantages; free credit cards, zero commission, or multi-currency accounts just to name a few. What exactly are these services and how can you benefit from them? If you want to know how neobanks work and which are our top choices, then keep on reading.

  • Reface

    Reface is an application developed by Neocortex Inc. using AI technology for facial editing. Using users' selfies, Reface integrates personal selfies into different characters, videos, motions, and scenarios creating a simulation that creates an image that is hard to believe it's not real.

  • Move Action

    Move Action is an open source application allowing users to monitor their webcam and manipulate some actions when movement is detected.

  • The most influential women in tech history

    Women have played a crucial role in building society as we know it today. Although it has been until recent years that women have been acknowledged and recognized for their hard work, innovation, and discoveries, women are and always have been a strong and powerful pillar sustaining and changing our world. This is no exception in the field of technology, and brilliant women's minds have made radical contributions never to forget.

  • SRS HD Audio Lab

    SRS HD Audio Lab is a utility designed by SRS Labs to improve the sound of your audio files.

  • Simple MP3 Tag Editor

    As the name already suggests, Simple MP3 Tag Editor is a particular program to edit or add ID3 tags to MP3 audio files format.