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  • What is Kodi: install, configure, use

    The Kodi entertainment center has become very popular, cross-platform, compatible with most multimedia formats, and allowing access to external services such as YouTube. Read on to find out what Kodi is, what is it for, and how to use it.

  • Organize photos: on Mac, on computer, in Google Photos

    Image management software allows you to create and organize your professional photos and personal memories in a practical and simple way. If you're one of those who accumulates tons of pictures, these apps and softwares will turn into your best friend. In this article, we'll show our top selection for free photo softwares dedicated to organizing your digital memories.

  • Top nutrition apps of 2022: free, weight loss, for diabetics

    Healthy eating can gradually improve our immune system, energy levels and mood. Even though some of us are still working out and eating most of our time at home, a functional app can make the difference to focus on our meals and workouts and plan it according to our lifestyle. In this article we will look at some of the best diet apps for a healthy lifestyle.

  • Best apps to connect with nature

    Whether it comes from the sky, trees, hiking, birds, plants, or the sun, just a few breaths outside and a moment or two in the great outdoors can bring us back to our center and give us the energy and inner peace we need to move on with our day. Read on to discover top apps to connect with nature.

  • Amazon GameOn: gaming app, screen capture

    GameOn is a screen capturing application, launched by Amazon, for smartphones that allow gamers to share gameplay clips on a dedicated social network specifically for gamers. Amazon continues its interest in gamers and gaming, a move which began in 2014 with the purchase of Twitch and also the creation of its own streaming platform: Amazon Luna.

  • How to see if a photo is fake?

    Fake news can portray, in addition to made-up information, fake photos, and videos. It is important to check any suspicious videos or images you receive, and for this, some tricks can help identify whether a photo is real or fake. Read ahead to find the best tools to identify if a video or photo is real or fake.

  • How to improve your online privacy

    The access of different companies to our personal information is much more frequent and to avoid this kind of data collection by companies is a much more complex task that we like to believe, fundamentally because all our actions on the internet are monitored and stored without us realizing it most of the time. In this article, you can find some ways to increase your privacy in a digital environment.

  • Hide IP address on Skype: browser, app

    Skype relies on P2P technology to enable direct IP-based connections between Skype users. One result of using such technology is that the public IP of the user is disclosed during Skype-to-Skype calls. This article will teach you how to hide your IP address when making calls to people who aren't in your contact list.

  • Among Us: tips & tricks

    Among Us is one of the top games in the world right now, and it seems that it's here to stay. Few players know that behind this simple game there's a hidden world of tricks and strategies to find out who's the impostor, these hidden gems will help you to become a lethal yet discreet player to win the game aboard the spaceship. Read on for our favorite tricks to bring some new strategies to your game.