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  • DIY gifts: 2023, for family, for kids, coworkers

    If you can't do your holiday shopping as usual and want to avoid the crowd, you can go for DIY holiday gifts! Here are some easy ideas! If you are on a budget or want to save some money, we've got your back! In addition, the gifts from our list are equally suitable for family members, coworkers, and kids, so don't hesitate to have a look at all the sections!

  • Find car owner's details with license plate in India

    A vehicle's license plate number serves as its identity as it carries important information, like the state and city of the car's registration. If you are living in India, the government allows anyone to find important details related to any vehicle using its registration number.

  • Shop on Black Friday like a pro: tips for 2022 deals

    Right after Thanksgiving, Black Friday arrives on the fourth Thursday of November, a perfect time to acquire a wide variety of products for technology, fashion, home, and more, all of this with significant discounts. This article will give you some advice so you can take the time to prepare and look into those articles you've wanted to get.

  • How to use Apple wallet: to pay, online, in store

    Apple Wallet allows you to add any type of card, coupon, or ticket, so you can use it anytime, without the need to fill up your wallet with all the cards you own. If you want to learn more, here's how Apple Wallet works and how to set up the app on your Apple device in just a few steps.

  • Movies about the most famous robots

    Although frequently depicted as monotonous and rigid, robots are often some of the most celebrated and charming characters in films. Some are friendly, evil, smart, dumb or funny it all depends on their relationship with humankind and their special missions. Read ahead to find out our selection of the most famous and celebrated robots on the big screen.

  • Airbnb top alternative websites: best price, promotions

    Although Airbnb has become the worldwide reference vacation home rentals and home sharing, it is not the only one. In fact, there are many websites that offer all types of accommodation in private homes and apartments. If you are more of an adventurer or prefer to stay with full comfort, in this article we tell you what are the best alternatives to Airbnb to have the best stay at the best price.

  • Top cooking apps: for beginners and amateur cooks

    If you are new to cooking at home and want to keep things fresh, we've come up with a list of the best cooking apps to provide inspiration and help you out with your daily culinary efforts. With this selection, you'll not only get new recipe ideas but perhaps also discover a new passion and Masterchef-level skills!