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  • Amigurumi

    Are you looking for some craft inspiration or new crochet ideas? Try out the Amigurumi application, a simple and comprehensive application that teaches you to crochet but also provides ample creative ideas and patterns for more advanced practitioners.

  • Google Play Books

    Google Play Books is essential for enjoying audiobooks and ebooks purchased on Google Play. With millions of best-selling ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks at your disposal, Google Play Books allows you to download material to read or listen to on the go. Without the need to buy physical books, you'll be able to travel light and enjoy some light reading.

  • 9GAG

    9GAG is a Hong Kong-based online platform and social media website. It allows its users to upload to share user-generated content or other content from external social media websites. Much like Reddit, and Imgur it has become a playground for sharing funny and controversial memes since it was launched in 2008 and has seen itself become a familiar name across social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • Cookpad

    Cookpad is a new way to connect your cooking skills with a social media platform dedicated to culinary creations. If you're a cooking lover, an amateur, or a professional, simply share, follow, comment, and thank other users for recipe ideas and cooking skills in a new way to connect with other users by sharing homemade recipes and creating a worldwide community of users of culinary influencers. Get inspired by thousands of recipe ideas!

  • Microsoft Authenticator

    Microsoft Authenticator is an application to store and update all active passwords in one single authentification. Secure all your sign-ins and activities in one single place. The app is compatible with other software outside of the Microsoft pack and can synchronize and activate passwords stored on mobile devices using pins, face IDs, fingerprints, and double passwords.

  • redBus

    Redbus is a bus ticketing service application that allows users to book, change, map, and compare pricing on bus routes across India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Colombia, and Peru. Simply mark your origin and destination for the application to display the best bus ticket options for you. Acquire and save your e-tickets through the platform, which accepts a variety of payment options including Amazon Pay. As of 2021, Redbus offers the possibility of Carpooling with other users of the app.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive is a mobile app by Microsoft working as a cloud hosting provider. It is used as a synchronization tool and online file storage. It has a storage capacity of 5G on any mobile device. The application works with Microsoft 365, allowing an upgrade of the subscription for 1TB of storage capacity. Microsoft OneDrive allows users to interact with other Microsoft accounts.

  • Tango

    Tango is a social network video platform dedicated to sharing and broadcasting videos, and following live events. It's one of the most complete social media platforms and it's free to use. The app also allows users to make audio and video calls, send instant messages, and communicate with Tango subscribers all around the world.

  • Proton Calendar

    The Proton Calendar App is the new app from the Proton Mail Company, dedicated to building a safer network of interconnected emails and VPNs to guarantee safe, end-to-end encrypted communications. The encrypted calendar syncs with the contacts and users holding Proton Network accounts.

  • Vrbo Vacation Rental

    Vrbo app Vacation Rental is a home rental vacation and registered trademark managed by Expedia. The concept is to unite families and property owners by providing property listings suitable for family holidays. They operate in more than 190 countries with the main focus of finding and connecting families through a space that will guarantee the best vacation experience.