The latest articles by Elisa Fierro

  • Image Video Converter

    Image Video Converter is an application that helps the user convert images to video and vice versa. Easy to use it allows to create videos from multiple still pictures.

  • Philips SPC1000NC/00 Webcam Driver

    The Philips SPC1000NC is a download software to navigate your webcam and install it on your computer. If you do not have the software disc, this download will allow you to use the webcam freely on your desktop.

  • Karaplayer

    Karaplayer is a software mainly designed to create Karaoke. That is to say, it allows synchronizing audio with its lyrics.

  • Super MP3 Download

    Super MP3 Download is a software dedicated to downloading your favorite songs and tunes directly into an mp3 format. With a well-equipped database, you can download any kind of song directly into your PC and save them as MP3 files.

  • Karaoke Sound Tools

    The latest version of Karaoke Sound Tools comes with a mix of features that will allow you to create, manipulate and adjust all the songs in your singing repertoire to fit your needs. You can get creative with this software by mixing songs, editing them, and making them fit your singing skills.

  • Auto Volume Control

    Auto Volume Control is a software that regulates the volume of the radio coming from different devices and digital car radios.


    ASIO4ALL is software created to manage WDM audio drivers on a Microsoft computer.

  • Logic Pro X

    Logic Pro X is a Software dedicated to professional music production, you can record instruments in the studio, voice, or any sound coming from external sources and transform them into your music. It includes a wide range of instruments, sounds, and possibilities of mixing to create simple and professional songs.

  • Microsoft Project

    Microsoft Project Pro is a useful software created for professional teams to better manage the workflow, assign tasks and see the performance of the company in a graphic format. It might be an indispensable tool for remote or international teams.

  • Salesforce

    The Salesforce mobile app is a (CRM) Customer Relationship Management software. They have a wide range of services that include sales, marketing representatives, commerce, security service, and IT workers interconnected in the same platform created to maintain a top customer experience for every subscribed brand.