Email writing AI apps

Email writing AI apps

Are you tired of a constantly full email inbox? Do you want someone to clean up this bunch of letters for you and respond politely to everyone? Or you are tired of brainstorming new creative ideas for your brand? Well, there are some new AI-powered programs that can help you with all that. Read on to find out more about them.

This june 2020 Artificial Intelligence Research Institute OpenAI revealed a new technology called GPT-3. This new quite magical tool can generate emails, texts, advertising campaigns and more by digesting the information stored on the web, learning the author’s writing style and tone. Thanks to this futuristic technology, there are some new apps that can help you finally clean up your Gmail inbox or create a new text copy without spending too much time on it.


Imagine, you have to write a long email to your colleagues explaining why you have to postpone a meeting, for example. With OthersideAI you can just type the keywords, as: “I’m sorry”, “got sick”, “meeting next week” and click on «Generate» button. The software will compose a polite letter in your unique style and in the tone you’d like to use (friendly, formal, etc.). Then, all you need to do is to quickly check the email and click on «Send». Isn’t it fascinating?

othersideai app
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Magic Email

Magic Email is another useful tool to save your time from writing emails. Just type the words or even a short phrase, such as “Weds” for Wednesday or “yr time” for your time and the app will decrypt what you meant and write a letter that you could have written yourself if you would have a little bit more time. The other cool feature of this program is that it is able to summarize long email you received in several sentences, this way you can get the idea but way more quickly.


Compose has the same functionalities as two previous apps. It also generates emails from keywords and bullet points in a matter of seconds. It also learns your writing style and you can choose the tone for your letter. The program is not yet available fro general public, but you can get in the waitlist to receive the news and be one of its first users.

compose app
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Snazzy is an application that is able to generate content for your brand, whether it is an advertising campaign, product descriptions or even a brand slogan and taglines. Its cofounder Chris Frantz said that “the goal is to offload the somewhat monotonous job of writing the copy, and move to the editing part”. The software offers various templates and can be your robot copywriter if you wish for $49 a month.

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