How to clear history MSN Messenger?

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Microsoft's MSN Messenger service which provides instant messaging is used widely all over the world. For privacy reasons, one may not want to preserve a conversation history in the messenger and it is easily possible to clear the history. There are two ways of accomplishing this task. From the tab history, one can delete conversations held with a specific recipient, through the tool bar. The second way is to delete the entire history of conversations stored in Messenger, which is saved in the folder My Documents.

It is possible to clear your MSN Messenger chat history by deleting specific conversations or erasing the history. For 2009 versions, below are the steps to achieve this:

Clearing history for MSN Messenger

You can view your conversation history with a specific contact by right-clicking their name and going to View > Message History.

From there you can click Delete and erase that conversation.

Delete your entire MSN Messenger conversation history

All your conversations are saved in a folder on your computer. The default location for this folder is My Documents / My Received Files.

Double click on the folder to access the complete history for your conversations. From here you can choose what you want to delete.

If you do not want to keep a history of your conversations in MSN Messenger, you can uncheck the relevant box in Tools >Options.
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