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How to configure your webcam on msn messenger?

Video calls can be made on the internet through the webcam feature on MSN Messenger. To make video calls with instant messaging software such as MSN Messenger the webcam must be configured accordingly. It is easy to configure the webcam on MSN Messenger with the user friendly configuration wizard. Once the set-up of the webcam on the MSN Messenger is complete, video calls can be made. Sound and image quality can be adjusted with the wizard to gain the best results. If there is a problem while configuring the webcam, MSN messenger webcam support can be contacted.

Learn how to configure your webcam for use with MSN Messenger.

Launch the Configuration Wizard

Close your audio or video conversations.
Then, in the main MSN window, go to:
Tools > Audio and video setup

Adjust the image

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.

Select your webcam (its name should appear in the list) and click "Next."

A window will appear and prompt you to set up your webcam. Check the layout and image sharpness. If the image is fuzzy, adjust the lens of your camera until the image is sharp. Then click Next.

Adjust the Sound

Once the camera is set up, the wizard will offer to adjust the sound. To do this, select your microphone, either built into the webcam or a microphone plugged into your computer.

Then select the where you want the sound to come from in the speaker output section.

The wizard will then adjust the volume of your microphone. To do this, move the cursor until the sound obtained is satisfactory. Then click "Finish". Configuring your webcam is complete.


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