Windows 8.1 - How to disable fast startup mode

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Windows 8.1 - How to disable fast startup mode

The fast startup mode saves the state of the system at each shutdown and allow you to restart your Windows 8/8.1 tablet, PC or laptop faster. But in return, you won't have access to the following features at startup:
  • Access to the BIOS
  • Access to the boot menu
  • Start Windows in Safe Mode

If you need to disable the fast startup feature of Windows 8.1, follow the below procedure:
  • Press Windows + X and from the menu displayed, select "Power Options".
  • Click on "Choose what the power buttons do".
  • Click on "Change settings that are currently unavailable", to unlock the "greyed out" options
  • In the "Shutdown" section, uncheck "Turn on fast startup".
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