Start.Me - Create a personalized start page for your browser

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Start.Me - Create a personalized start page for your browser

Start.Me is an alternative to iGoogle (which no longer exists since Nov 2013). allows users to easily create their own homepage and much more ...

Creating your account

  • Connect to
  • Click on Get Started
  • Use one of your social accounts (Google +, Twitter,...) or simply fill the available form.

  • Create your pages using the wizard

  • Start.Me will offer you to install a browser extension, but it is not compulsory.
  • You homepage is ready!

How to customize your homepage

  • The homepage as well as the other pages can be configured to your liking, the possibilities are endless ...
  • Start by deleting unnecessary widgets and pages.

Delete widgets

  • Click on the small arrow located at the top right corner of each widget > Delete.

Add new widgets

  • Click on the Add Widget button. You can add bookmark list, widgets, RSS feeds, notes,....
  • Click on "More Widgets" to view additional feature.

Add bookmark list

  • Click "Add widget" > then "Add bookmark list".
  • Create your new list:

To import bookmarks from another browser:
  • Click "Add widget" > "More Widgets".
  • Click on Import Bookmarks or feeds

Add RSS feeds

  • Click "Add widget" > "Add RSS".

Add notes

  • Click "Add widget" > "Add Note".

Add a Gmail account

  • Click "Add widget" > "More Widgets".
  • Select the Gmail widget and follow the onscreen instructions.

Embed a Web page

  • Click "Add widget" > "More Widgets".
  • Click on Embed webpage.
  • Enter the URL of the webpage.
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