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How to Personalize Your Browser with Start.me

Start.me is one of the best services to customize your homepage in any web browser. With it, you can put together all the websites, pages and bookmarks, organize your news feed, set up quick links and much more to make your start page handy and easy to use. This article will help you to understand how to use Start.me.

How to Create an Account

To start customizing your home page with Start.me, first, you need to register. Click on Get started in the upper-right corner of the page and sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft account or fill in your email address. After this, write your name, email address, language preference and country and follow the procedure.

How to Customize Your Homepage

Now you can start customizing your homepage, pick your interests, and choose the pages with which you would like to begin working on the internet each time you open the web browser. Click on Take me to Start Page. Now you can upgrade your homepage, delete unnecessary widgets, add bookmarks and organize your RSS feed.

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How to Add Widgets

Widgets serve as organising windows where you can easily find a website, bookmarks, news feed and other information. You can create widgets by clicking on + button in the upper-right corner of your page. Type the name in the search panel or choose whether you want to add bookmarks, RSS feed, Notes, to-do lists, Google services or any other option to facilitate your internet search.

Name your widget, add websites and click on Done to save it.

How to Add RSS feed and Bookmarks

To add your news RSS feed just click + in the upper-right corner, click on News (RSS) and choose news websites you’d like to follow from the list or write it in the search tab. To add bookmarks follow the same procedure and paste URL or web address.

How to Add Notes

Use the same procedure as above: click on +, choose Notes and write a note.

How to Embed a Webpage

If you want to add a website on your homepage just click on + and choose Embed. Then paste a URL or embed a code and press Done<bold> to save the changes.

How to Delete Widgets

If you no longer need some of the widgets and pages you can easily delete them from your dashboard. Just click on three vertical dots and choose <bold>Delete. You can also move it in a more convenient place if you want.

How to Change the Default Search Engine

If you’d like to change the default search engine you have to follow these instructions: click on the little logo on the left from the search tab and choose Search Settings.

Then you can choose the default search engine of your choice.

How to Change Your Page Layout and Background

To make your homepage handier you can change the layout and background. Choose My startpage and click on the little pencil to edit. In this section, you can change the title of your page, choose the number of columns, select the background and widget transparency. Don’t forget to click on Save before leaving the menu.

How to Install Start.me Chrome Extension

Start.me Google Chrome extension transforms your Chrome New Tab page into a handy customized dashboard that you created yourself. Start.me will suggest you install the Chrome extension at the beginning of your work, but if this doesn't happen just download it from here. Don’t forget to give the extension permission to access the pages you visited. This way, you can import your bookmarks and other useful information.

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A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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