Connected to the network but unable to access internet

Configuration issues can be responsible for problems accessing the internet through the Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browser. The LAN settings of the web browsers should be checked if the user is unable to access the web. The browser should be configured to automatically detect settings. Antivirus and firewall settings may also prevent access to the internet.The configuration settings for antivirus software and firewall settings must be checked to ensure that problems accessing the internet are not caused by improper settings. It must be noted that disabling the firewall or uninstalling the antivirus will make the system vulnerable to attacks.


I'm having a problem accessing the internet and keep getting an error saying: "Cannot display web page".

I know the internet is working because I can still chat on Skype and receive my e-mails.


It is possible this is due to the settings in your web browser. Try this:
  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools > Internet Options
  • Click on the Connection Tab
  • Click LAN Settings
  • Tick Automatically detect settings
  • Click on OK
  • Restart Internet Explorer

This should fix the problem.


  • Thanks to iveal for this tip.
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