Internet Explorer not showing images correctly

Internet Explorer not showing images correctly

What can be done when images are not being displayed in web pages you visit with Internet Explorer? In this article we'll give you a couple of tips that can help.

What to do if images are not loading in Internet Explorer?

Are you experiencing this problem on a single website or on all websites? Sometimes images won't load due to a broken link or compatibility issue between the webpage and Internet Explorer. There's an easy way to determine if the problem is with a particular website or not, you just have to open a couple of random pages to check if images are loading properly. In such situation you can try the following:

  • Disable add-ons and extensions before opening the website.
  • Clear temporary files and open the website.
  • Disable JavaScript.
  • Add the faulty website to compatibility list of IE, by clicking on the Cog icon > Compatibility View and Settings > Add.
  • If images are not displayed in all the webpages you visit then check whether Internet Explorer is set to display images or not.
  • Click on the Tools menu (cog icon) > Internet options.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and the scroll to the Multimedia section. Make sure the Show images checkbox is ticked and then click on OK:
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