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MSN Messenger - How to restore deleted contacts?

Ever experienced that moment of unfortunate frustration when you've deleted your own contacts, quite accidentally and irreversibly? Well, never again. At least, not if the deleted contacts are marked on your MSN Messenger. Restoring deleted contacts and their email addresses is no big deal on MSN Messenger, what with its user-friendly applications. One must begin the procedure of restoring contacts by using the 'Tools' bar in Messenger and selecting 'Option'. Here you'll find tabs like 'Privacy' and 'Block list'. Selecting the particular contacts that one wishes to restore is the next step, so click on Privacy. A right-click followed by the usual add-as-contact drill should successfully restore the deleted MSN Messenger contacts, e-mail addresses et al.


Does anyone know how to undelete an MSN contact list if it is accidentally deleted? I need to restore/reinstate my MSN contact list to what it was before I "stupidly" deleted it, and I want to be able to restore these contacts without having to re-invite them again. If they knew I deleted them, they might not want me to invite them back because they are European contacts and don't understand many things when I try to translate from English to their language. In other words, they might get the wrong translation/impression if I had to explain what happened. It's easier for me in this instance not to have to explain. So I'm hoping someone can help me. I've tried to contact MSN, but their help desk has been closed.


You can restore the contacts you deleted and add them again on your MSN account. Just follow these steps:
  • Go to Tools on Messenger and select options
  • Click on Privacy on the left, you will see Block list on the Right
  • Select the Contacts' addresses you want to restore to your account, right-click and select "add to contacts"
  • Click OK to save your settings

From now on you should be able to chat with the contacts you deleted!


Thanks to dancedhall for this tip on the forum.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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