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How To Close Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook.com Email Account

If you no longer use your Outlook.com (formerly Hotmail) email account, Microsoft gives you the ability to permanently delete it.

The procedure is simple, but before you start you should keep in mind that your email messages as well as the files and photos you have in OneDrive will be completely deleted after a 60-day waiting period.

How To Permanently Delete Hotmail and Windows Live Account

Enter the Microsoft Account Service (formerly known as the Microsoft Passport Network) and log in with the account that you want to delete. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to verify your account. After that, read the recommendations and click Next to confirm the deletion of your account.

Microsoft will wait 60 days before permanently deleting your account. If you change your mind and want to recover it, you just have to log in before the end of that period and your account deletion will be canceled.

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