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How To Download Videos from Twitter

Do you want to download a video you liked on Twitter? There are several options to download a video from Twitter. You can download it through a specialized web service, a desktop program, or from Twitter itself. Once the video is on your hard drive, you can watch it without connecting to the Internet. In addition, you can transfer it to your smartphone or tablet.

How To Download a Twitter Video Inserted in a Tweet

Click on the Share icon below the Tweet, and select Copy link to Tweet:

Enter the site Download Twitter Video, and paste the link of the tweet in the corresponding field. Select the format (i.e. MP4), quality, source (Twitter), and then click Download:

Press the Download button again, and select the location where you want to save the video:

How To Download a Vine Video on Twitter

Play the video, then right click, and select Save video as:

Choose the location where you want to store the video.

How To Download a YouTube Video on Twitter

Go to the tweet, click on the video link to see it directly on YouTube. Then, download it with aTube Catcher or through the Force Download site, which allows you to download YouTube videos without installing a program.

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