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I bought this computer about coming on two years ago, Up until about April my internet connection was fine. To at which point I had little to no ability to browse on any browser, Although other computers on my network could connect just fine. I could ping just fine, Firewall was off, had no other problems. Couldn't figure it out so I went with a reinstallation, after reinstalling the problem still persisted. I'm running windows xp sp2 and have McAFee security center wich I just uninstalled which did no good. I tired winsock to no avail. I've tired searching around, but the only people with the same problem as I seem to be running zonealram and reconfiguring settings for that fix it for them, but I do not have zonealram so that doesn't work for me.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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In Windows, use the following steps to completely reset the Internet Protocol:
  • 1. Click Start
  • 2. Click Run
  • 3. Type cmd
  • 4. Click Ok
  • 5. In the Command Box Type:
    netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt
  • 6. Hit the Enter Key
  • 7. Restart the computer and try to login and browse the Internet. If the problem persists, continue using these steps.
  • 8. Click Start
  • 9. Click Run
  • 10. Type
  • 11. Click Ok
  • 12. In Black Command Box Type:
    netsh winsock reset 
  • 13. Hit Enter Key
  • 14. Restart Computer

Also Try Resetting IE to Default Options
  • Click Tools Tab
  • Click Internet Options at bottom
  • Click Advanced Tab on far right
  • Click Reset near bottom
  • Click Ok and Close Internet Explorer
  • Restart Internet Explorer
Thank you

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I solved the problem of enabling my windows xp computer to browse the internet by setting in internet options the browser to accept all cookies. The internet browser must accept cookies by setting such in internet options to be able to browse the internet. Windows XP dates from a time when the OS aimed to protect against receiving cookies and so you need to correct this manually in internet options settings.
This worked for me, glad I am able to browse now but I am wondering what prevented me from browsing initially..
Resetting the IE default options worked like a charm. I have been trying to sort this situation for 3 days now

Thank you
Thank you so much, it works perfectly!
I fixed my computer by erasing nortons internet security, I guess something was blocking me from browsing the internet, so that did it for me. Just go to add or remove programs and erase Norton.
> revdev
Fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this info. The norton removal tool helped me as well. I tried everything before this, and then its something this simple :-)

Thank you again!

=0D Jens
For me it was AVG... ran the AVG removal tool and the 'net was back after a reboot. Then I was able to d/l Malwarebytes, update the definitions and scan in safe mode. This found the Trojan that caused the original problem...
Also get rid of Mcafee it is the WORST virus protection on the market any thing is better than that.AVG is a good one or perskie I usto be a ferm Norton fan but I work for a mager hospital and it has done nothing but cause problems but its better that mcafee. just an fyi
Happened with linux, macos, winxp and win7, ie, firefox, chrome, and safari. all other protocols are fine on the network, just web protocols not working. had to reset the firewall config on the 2wire gateway back to factory defaults, and then everything started workig again. had to re-enter what I had put in prior, but at least all the browsers are working again.
Google Chrome working fine But Mozilla 4.0, IE9 donot work-" the page can't display this page" on my win 7 professional, I did every thing to restore it back. But finally I removed escan antivirus and restore the defualt firewall. All browsers (Mozilla, IE9) working again . I helps alot

Thanks for yor help

I had the same problem. My system doesn't have Norton Anti Virus. I found that the proxy using of IE enables without even the related checkbox (int the tools->connection->Lan settings) is selected.
After some checking I found that some registry settings is changed every time I run the IE. I changed some registry setting manually and IT WORKS NOW.

You can try it yourself as follows:

1- Close IE
2- Run regedit
3- Goto HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings
4- Change AutoConfigProxy Key name into some garbage name like 000AutoConfigProxy000
5- Change ProxyEnable Key Value into 0
6- Leave blank the Proxyserver Key Value (Don't delete the key, just make its value blank)
7- Change MigrateProxy key value into 0
8- Close regedit
9- Run IE

It should work now.
Guys, if you ever needed a reason not to use Facebook, then a wild fire spreading Malware trojan email would be one of them.

Basically, it was the old faithful Malware trojan, where it would report that you had a virus on your computer and then direct you to a web page where you could download a virus checker. I couldn't believe it when I found out that it had been sent around inside Facebook. I hate the site myself but my wife uses it.

Anyway, basically, the only way to get rid of this virus if you come across it is to download the latest Lavasoft product (Adaware FREE Download, will have it). Install it, restart your computer/laptop in safe mode, run the scan, clear the virus & reboot.

This will clear the virus, but you may find that your internet browser wont work even if you can connect to Messenger. The reason for this is that the trojan will activate your internet connection Lan settings and tick the proxy settings. To finally fix this problem, go into the internet settings options, go to the connection tab, into LAN Settings and untick the proxy settings. Restart and there you go. All fixed and back to normal.

Hope this helps someone.

I had the sqame problem, the day after my 12 year old grandaughter used the puter to play her online games. Pinging worked using IP addys,, and names, but I could not connect with my browser. I wound up disabling the internal wireless card on my Dell [Vostro} and installing a USB wireless adapter. Voila, I connected immediately. I then disabled my USB adapter, enabled the internal one, and its running fine now. Don't ask me why or how, IT WORKED. I didn't look any further. Incidentally, I had compared all settings [via IPCONFIG] with another puter on the same network that worked. For all practical purposes, they were identical.
Maybe this will help someone. For me, it was a stab in the dark that worked.

Something is definately up... too many folks experiencing the same problem! I also had or still have the same problem, it is intermittent so I don't know if it's fixed. I am pretty sure that it is fixed because I have been online now for a while. I loaded the link from Microsoft that the fine user recommended earlier... I think that fixed it.
In my frustration I also uninstalled Office2009 for student, Kaspersky Internet Security 2009, and a few other apps I don't use. My daughter was online playing webkins, don't think that was it. I think it was a router conflict because I even reloaded XP home on a different drive and fell offline a few times.

Crazy thing... I am a veteran net surfer and PC user with my own server, web design company, and hosting service.

God bless the wonderful peeps that take the time to help one-another, I thtink you helped me once again!!!

> edwinjay
Same deal, here.
This board helped me to fix it.
Winsock didn't do it for me, it was removing Norton, but there was a trick.

After removing Norton with add/remove programs, it was still there. I found it hidng in program files/common files. There was a folder called Symantec shared and one called norton, although they could have been called any variation.

I couldn't delete any of these, so I downloaded a program called unlocker. I unlocked these folders, removed them and boom.

My browser worked for the first time in months!
> thankfully relieved
The Same Problem, This is because of some idiotic anti virus softwares. Please Remove that and try to browse. Surely It will work.
I will have to say a HUGE thanks for the advise provided. I disabled every security measure my win 7 64bit had to offer and still no luck. When I used the Norton removal tool, voila internet began to work (wireless and lan). Can't thank you enough!!!!!
But why risk having no anti-virus protection just for firefox to work??
wow !! I got rid of a month old problem :):)
thanx a lot ...
I finally fixed the problem on my computer. There were remnents of Norton left over after an uninstalll that were throwing everything off. I went to norton's website and got a complete removal program. After I ran it everything went back to normal!!!
hi hatt
so what anti virus do u have now in your computer? thanks
hey, my sister's computer is having the same problem..she also has norton antivirus, so I told her to uninstall it like someone suggested on here, but it seems like it can't be uninstalled..what should we do? also the link provided by someone here to uninstall programs also didnt work..opening firefox lead us to a yellow triangle icon with an exclimation point on the middle. How can we fix this?
Hi, I've also gone to Norton's site for the removal tool and it solved all my problems! Thank you so much!
Norton is horrible. I can't believe it was causing all of these problems. On my machine too. The Norton Removal tool fixed everything. Sweet.
I have the same exact issue, it started for me when one of my wireless systems USB network adapters died. After replacing the adapter the system will not browse via any browser program. It will still receive windows updates, and my anti virus program still updates, I have tried disabling all firewall protection both software and hardware and it still will not browse. From the router I can see where the router issues the ip address and the computer can be pinged. My network has 2 wired computers via D-link gamers lounge and 2 computers are wireless, The wireless ap is a linksys wap54g. Only one of the two wireless computers are having this issue as the other wireless system browses just fine. I am at my witts end on this. I have removed all anti-virus and anti spam,malware,spyware programs from the system as well as disabled all firewall or any programs that have the remote possibility of preventing or blocking the system from browsing. I have also connected it direct to the cable modem via cat 6 cable to see if I can get it to browse. All the system will do when opening a browser is sit there like it is attempting to infinity open a webpage. I tried to get those free trial of that Iolo Anti Virus and personal firewall but their site keeps saying the server is too buys. Which is a common ploy to get frustrated people to just up and buy their product. So if anyone else has a solution to this issue other than complete low level reformat and reinstall please contact me or replay.

Thank you
One thing I have notices last night while trying to get the computer to browse was that from the computer that will not browse it also can not execute a ping, it just hangs after you do the command. It also hangs after you do the ctrl+C to cancel the ping command. However from the other 3 computers on the network the computer that can not browse can be pinged and it responds to the pings.
I just solved this problem for myself! My problem was in Norton Security/Antivirus which is provided through Rogers and for some dumb reason had made a rule to block the internet. All I did was under the web browsing tab, turn off personal firewall and when I tried my browser again it worked. I switched the firewall back on and it asked me to create a new rule for IE8 and it has been working ever since! Hope this works for you too


Im Usually a expert with xp and lower computers when the brought me the vista one with this problem I had to go crazy on this I feel you guys I hate it cuz theres no way to solve it but its solved check your settings on your anti virus programs I dont know the differences but on norton just go to where it says with programs have been blocked and allowed and look for everything thats blocked im sure its gonna show iexplorer blocked just allow it restarts it and done

Ok everyone who said norton is the problem.... are CORRECT!!! But you don't have to uninstall it tho. Just follow these steps: 1. Open up Norton 2. Go to manage firewalls 3. Go to Program Rules 4. Find your internet browser and click the drop down tab to select custom 5. Make sure its on allow and there you go.
> Mr. Thank Me Later
I followed Mr thank me laters instructions and it worked temporarily but when I shut down and restarted I had the same probelm. I went backand reset to "custom" and then back to "allow" and the problem went away again. I am travelling so will persevere but when I am home I will ditch Norton.
i dont normally reply to stuff like this because usually someone has found a solution. Since there hasnt really been one "fix-all" I decided to post mine.

fixing my friends works, automatic updating works, browser isnt working (IE and firefox), it only works in safe-mode. couple other non-browser stuff works. I know DNS is working fine because nslookup in command prompt gave me the right results.

eventualy after doing everything I saw in this thread plus many other websites, I decided to focus my attention on on aol. I went to add/remove programs and noticed aol had a parental control...didnt even know it was there! tried uninstalling it but wouldnt let me. did some googling and found this:

deleted the first 2 files (couldnt find the 3rd) and it worked after a restart. just to test things out I put the files back, restarted...couldnt brows again. this fixed my problem and I hope it helps others.


Thanks Mike. That's something I've not seen before.

If Mike's info does not apply to you or doen't work for you (or maybe it does) this is what to do.

(1) If you've ever had Norton's on your computer, use the norton removal tool. You can get it from their website, put it on a thumb drive or something and run it on your computer. Norton intergrates so much into your computer that it often hangs and blocks the Internet.

(2) If you have a big honking anti-everything solution (anti-virus, adware, spyware, malware, spam, with a firewall), get rid of it! If you have McAfee, doubly get rid of it! It's the worst I've ever seen. MS Windows after sp2 has the best firewall around. don't disable it to put a weaker one on. And the companies that put this stuff out are usually good in only one or two fields. To expect protection from everything is a bit unrealistic. Which brings me to 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7; use the software from companies that specialize and the 2nd best thing is, is it's all free. The 1st best thing is that it works.

(3) Get malwarebytes. Install it and run it.

(4) Get Avast! Anti-virus. Install and run.

(5) Get Spybot Search & Destroy. Install and run.

(6) Get HighJackThis. Be carful with this one. Only disable what you are sure of.

(7) Re-enable windows firewall.

This'll work 99% of the time, and it's good to do even if you don't have connection problems.

Let me know if it doesn't work for anyone.

> PrinceCrew
thanks for your post, unfortunately I am unable to dowload these things onto my computer as I am unable to browse, I do not have norton, have uninstalled macafee and avg and antivira, but unable to browse on IE, and therefore am unable on my computer to download the suggested programs. I am writing this from my wifes computer which is irritatingly working fine!
> james
Just download the programs to a USB Flash Drive or something of the sort, then put them on the affected computer and try it then.
This fix did it for me too after trying every other option mentioned on many different forums. Darn AOL Parental Controls! ;)

Thanks here to Solution101 and to cyrano33 on for positng this simple fix! I've pasted the original URL and the important parts below:

Had the same problem, searched the web until I found someone who had spoken with an escalated AOL helpdesk person who finally knew how to do it:

Remove the following files:

* C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\spcflt.sys
* C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\spcstb.sys
* C:\Program Files\Common Files\aol\1127593350\ee\services\ver2_0_10_16\serviceManifest.xml

Reboot, and afterwards the computer will work fine.

P.S. I also didn't find the serviceManifest.xml file in the exact location mentioned so I skipped that step and it still fixed the problems connecting with browsers.
I'm the same as you - never post, but wanted to share my fix:

Uninstalled IE. Reinstalled. (possibly unnecessary)
In the browser, went to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and Reset
worked...I have no idea why
If you can ping but your not able to browse on any browser is because you have a bad win-sock for this issue what you need to do is reset the winsock catalog go to run-cmd--- type ::: netsh winsock reset catalog hit enter then reboot this should do it if no check the antivirus and the proxy settings for a different issue.
looks like your port 80's are dead :/

try a new router, etc. Maybe even trying port 8080 as your browser port.
Try combfix.exe, that can help you to fix this problem, I had same problem thats y I know that
Ok guys, /this is the thing. I have the same problem that all of you do. I have read, and heard lots of things about this, like is a DSL problem or Cable problem, or Vista problem, Firewall proble, Zone Alarm problem, Kerio problem, Norton problem or router problems etc... First of all, I don't have DSL, or Cable or Dial Up. I conect to the internet with my Blackberry. My problem started like 2 hours after I download and installed SP2 for Windows XP after I reloaded Windows. I use only Windows Firewall, and for Antivirus Symantec Corporate Edition which I have beibg using for the last 5 years without any problems.

I connected my Blackberry to a different computer, and the problem does not exist at all in my other laptop. BitTorrent works fine in the first laptop, anything download with no problem from any internet application, but Internet Explorer 8 or Firefox works only for the first 5 minutes that I am on-line, after that neither works.
I found my problem - it was because of hardware device - network board had corrupted. After replacement everything goes just fine.
Hey Guys,

I knowm this may not be the fix for everyones "same" problem but it fixed mine twice and it also fixed a friends pc as well. Remove totally whatever anti-virus/firewall program you have. Norton is notorious for blocking you out of the internet. I have seen that crappy mcafee do the same thing too, and others. Remove them and then if that doesn't do the job go to norton website or other and download either the norton removal tool or the microsoft cleanuputility and use it to remove all remnants of norton, mcafee or whatever and you just might be back in business like me!!!

How are you suppose to download them if you can't connect to the Internet ?
I'm uninstalling norton just now , I've been using my iPhone for a few weeks now on the wifi fine and all my familys laptops and my brothers ps3 work fine it's just mine that isn't working , I have the exact same laptop as my brother and his is fine too but none of them have norton so that's probably the problem
thanks pcmaster160

u fixed my problem :)
Thank you very guys for the advice, I was able to solve the issue on my laptop. I download the removal tool from Norton and run it on my laptop. After the removal process, I restarted my laptop and now my internet is working. For some reason eventhough I uninstall Norton, some part of it is still in my laptop and blocking all access to internet.
I had this problem come up with a brand new Dell Latitude Laptop- Installed Norton Internet Security 2008 on it, then uninstalled it (as part of troubleshooting multiple issues.)

After a lot of playing around I think I fixed it by reinstalling TCP/IP. not 100% that this is actually what fixed it, but I think it's the most likely contributor.

I used the advanced method.
Amazing! Used the Norton Removal tool and it fixed it :) Thanks you guys I think i'v tried nearly everything else!!
I know its crazy but I installed AVG free antivirus and I was able to get on with no problems even the Yahoo Messenger worked
Wow, I just had this problem a few days ago and I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I decided I wanted to look on the internet for my problem and I came to this website. I read a few entries and thought to myself that the norton antivirus program (which I had installed) was the cause of not letting me browse the internet. I went to my control panel, went to uninstall programs, I uninstalled norton, and now my internet works!!!


I had the same issues, Ran the Norton Removal Tool, restarted the computer and both internet explorer and firefox came back online. Good Luck to all.