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Can i use my roku device without remote or not?


Is the answer is yes, give me steps to use my Roku device without a remote.

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Verizon jetpack

Why is Verizon Jetpack Not Working?



Hi, What are the best Drones for Beginners? Thanks

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Kingstone data traveler 32gb is write protected


Hello, Dear Supporter I have one flash drive model kingstone data traveler 32gb but I can not format it when I format it show mesag medai is write...

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Pc wont turn on. fans spin loud.


Hello everyone. Im new to this forum so I hope you can help me with my problem. Today I was playing some warthunder when suddenly my pc just turned of...

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Laptop not booting

Just installed a solid state hard drive there appears to be no bios installed on it and the screen just says the following: PXE-M61: MEDIA TEST FAILUR...

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Falling to boot

Hello,my laptop proline w76s it doesn't accept new windows always say Sis191 UNDI,PXE-2.1 how can i fix this

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How to remove password in bios menu


Hello, I forgotten my bios password how to remove my bios password to enter bios menu.

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Getting a drive detected in this pc

In my x32Win10ProV22H2, I have SSDs that are connected via SATA ports, but whose power can be switched on (and off) as required. The BIOS has been set...

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I can't turn on my nec laptop

Hello, My laptop is NEC I'm having a problem turning it on. When i push the on button the lights go on but i can't see anything on the screen an...

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Flipping and inverting a screen - advice sought.

Hi guys I have a 4-monitor set up. I want to flip and then invert one of the screens. I know through windows it is easy to flip a screen but I don't ...


Unsupported signal. please check device output


I am trying to hook up my HP laptop to my Sony Bravia TV. I have an HDMI output for the laptop and an HDMI cable. I have tried simply plugging the...

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Enhancing desktop experience: integrating tower servers

Hello Community, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to raise a topic that could greatly benefit desktop users seeking improved perf...


Acer laptop not booting into windows 10

Hello, ftr


Lenovo ideapad motherboard's capacitor


Hello, I own a lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15.6" laptop So, yesterday I was upgrading my RAM into 16GB, everything was going fine until, trying to put...

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Laptop doesn t want to start

Hello guys i have this problem since 1 year and today i tried again to start my laptop i want to mention that it starts only plugged in so when i p...


Can't play newly transferred videos in usb after inserting to another device


so here is how it goes: I have a 500GB SanDisk USB, when I transfer videos in it, the videos work. after transferring the videos to our Affordabox ...

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Why is my mp3 player not charging and how can i fix it?

Hi, I have a 32GB Mp3 Player with Bluetooth 5.0 - Aiworth Portable Digital Lossless Music MP3 MP4 Player for Kids with FM Radio HD Speaker for Sports ...

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Power light not on/ does not boot up

Hello, I have a Acer Aspire Desktop when I press the power button the power comes on as I can hear the fan on the board start but the power light stay...

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Laptop not powering on after hibernate mode

Hello, My laptop battery was dead when I hit hibernate mode when I turned on after 5-6 days it shows power light on but not turning on caps lock ligh...

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Hcl laptop beep sound


Hello sir, i have hcl laptop it automaticaly start beep sound and sound is continuous in 1sec and after 30 sec sec it turned off. And now as i s...

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Sound problem

Hello, My proline notebook v1165c4 no sound ,I try to reinstall windows. Troubleshooting but still no sound. I go to device manager to update but...

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"samsung scx-4521f scanner driver"


Hallo, I am looking for "Samsung SCX-4521F Scanner Driver", I can not find it.  Please send me  the download Links. Regards Tahir

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Pendrive not detected on my onida led tv

Hello, My 16 gb pen drive is not detected on my onida led tv. The same pendrive works fine in laptops.. the format of the pen drive is FAT 32. Ple...

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Overheating and battery drainage issues in intel evo laptop

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to seek some guidance regarding two persistent issues I've been experiencing with my I...

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Cpu fan spinning slow, no display, power button not working

Hello, CPU fan spinning slow, no display, no power on mouse and keyboard. Sometimes it works  when i clean my ram and just tried turning off and on f...

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Gateway touchpad lifting up from laptop


Minor issue here. but my touchpad is lifting up from surface of laptop on lower left corner. I can push it down to flush, but it pops back up when I r...

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Laptop not unlocking

Hello,  I have Compaq presario CQ40. My laptop is not turning on. Whenever I click on power button, the wifi button and the power button lights up an...

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Laptop not getting start

Hello, My laptop not getting started as when I press power button caplock key light start like 4 to 5 sec and then turn off nothing other than that h...

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Hello,Hello my Intel atom processor proline laptop has a start up failure.. when I switch it shows a message that it couldn't start up normally and I ...

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Restoring functionality to optical scanner

A HPScanjet2300 used to work in my x32Win10ProV22H2 until I replaced its motherboard with one that has the same code name : GA EX58-UD5. I have tested...

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Micro projectors - are they worth it????


Hello, Are micro-projectors worth it? I have seen a few of them on the market, but I haven't read many good reviews, just mediocre reviews. I wan...

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Corrupt/unreadable hard drive


My WD Elements hard drive is corrupt or unreadable and I would love a solution. Anyone have any tips to solve this problem at home? When I plug the h...

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Laptop screen went black - can't find the case/ solution!

Hi guys, I'm new here and really hope I can get some help :) I was using my laptop normally (Samsung np-sa31, Bremen - M motherboard), I turned it ...

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Asus laptop won’t start but the battery light is orange


Hello, Trying to figure out why my ASUS UX330U notebook pc won’t turn on. When plugged in, the battery light is orange, but the power button does ...

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Dell inspion 15,laptop does not turn on the battery

Hello, my laptop does not turn on the battery in the morning, in order to turn it on first I have to remove the battery, then connect the charger, th...

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Pc typing an asterisk after every letter...


Idk...I'm banging my head against a wall at this point. About a week ago, my computer, out of nowhere, started to put an asterisk after every letter. ...

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Pendrive shows occupied space but is empty


Hello, Hello, I am using a 8 GB pendrive. when I insert this pendrive in any computer,it shows the occupying space.but when I open it .it shows ...

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Nmi hardware failure - hp probook 440 g4

Hello, Please, I need help with following issues. I will first provide Notebook information and then, at the end, please find description of issues...

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Toshiba laptop shuts down instantly on start


Hello, my toshiba laptop screen suddenly went blank,now everytime I try an turn it on it instantly shuts down within a second,i cant get into any ki...

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There is no driver. where to find it.

Hello friends! Disassembling my closet, I found an electronic eyepiece with a resolution of 1.3 MP for the MD130 model microscope, and a photon 8111 c...

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Hp ryzen 3 or hp i3 or lenovo?


Hi  I want to buy brand new lap top in limited budget . In this budget one of the following lap top I can afford : Kindly suggest me which one should ...

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Lg flatron screen can't turn on


Hello, My monitor was on sleep mode (orange light) so I pressed spacebar to awake it. However, it just went blank on me and I couldn't turn it on s...

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Undetected hard drive

My transcend external hard drive is not dectatable  even as the light is on. The drive was working perfectly until yesterday when it was not detected ...

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Password bios toshiba pro a300

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300. Can you please tell me how to remove the BIOS password? Because online tutorials are only for the basic a...

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False advertized keyboard from amazon


I ordered a keyboard from amazon that was advertised as having n-key rollover, which means it can detect any number of keys pressed at the same time. ...

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Hd won't mount after deleting contents of desktop folder ?

Hello, The title is a bit misleading.   I'll try to keep it short and to the point.  Have a laptop ( Windows 10 OS ) with blue screen syndrome due t...

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Toshiba satellite randomly turns off after 20-30 mins

Im not sure if my problem leads to overheating but i never had this kind of issue before once i play a game just start up run it for 20-30 mins (roblo...

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Laptop battery discharges when plugged in

Hello, the same problem happened to me (source), but a problem appeared to me when I open the games on the device while it was on the charger. The bat...

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Updates bios for connex stealth mode


How do I update Bios for the Connex Stealth book L1465? (Windows 10) Your help is appreciated. Thank you 

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