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  • Laptop no display Closed

    Hello, Toshiba satellite A505-S6005 no display but red light is turn on at the same time i heard in fan is on ?

    Tokmol | Latest reply: David Webb Aug 9, 2021
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  • Acer booting from recovery CD Closed

    My Acer Aspire shows black screen by switching on...pressed F2...pressed CTRL &Esc... Put in recovery CD...cleaned RAM... Nothing worked... What el...

    peggsroof | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 8, 2021
    1 reply
  • Good morning. My laptop went in to hibernate mode and will not turn on Closed

    Hello, How do i turn on laptop after itt going in hiberate mode?

    Stephanie | Latest reply: HelpiOS Aug 8, 2021
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  • my hp laptop toch sensor is not working Closed

    my laptop touch sensor is not working

    zeeshan | Latest reply: Bob Dijks Aug 3, 2021
    1 reply
  • Toshiba Window Vista message BOOTMGR IS MISSING. Please help Closed

    Hello, I have a satellite Toshiba Window Vista laptop. Its to the point where the only message I get is BOOTMGR is missing message. I tried holding th...

    SHORTY36 | Latest reply: David Webb Aug 2, 2021
    1 reply
  • Power light blinking continously Closed

    Hello, I plugged in the charger the light keeps blinking but nothing to display

    Sommy | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 31, 2021
    1 reply
  • Shuts down Closed

    My toshiba laptop switches off immediately after on while plugged but without a battery ... what is the course

    Howard | Latest reply: nathanwirth Jul 29, 2021
    2 replies
  • HP Elitebook 850 G1 Closed

    Hello, My Hp elitebook 850 G1 notebook laptop won't turn on. So how can i solve the problem ?

    Esu | Latest reply: Elena Keracheva Jul 26, 2021
    1 reply
  • Acer laptop not going past Acer loading screen Closed

    Hello, I have an Acer laptop, it just started 'fixing' an issue then went back to the loading screen and hasn't budged. I have tried pressing the ...

    Sour-Puppet | Latest reply: Sour-Puppet Jul 26, 2021
    3 replies
  • How to remove write protection Closed

    My computer do not show storageDevicePolicies

    Winga | Latest reply: Bob Dijks Jul 20, 2021
    1 reply
  • Acer aspire R core15 Closed

    Hello, My acer touch screen was working fine then the keyboard stopped working but mouse pad was working. Shut down to see if that would solve the...

    Jltibbs20# | Latest reply: chanog Jul 19, 2021
    2 replies
  • What are the best laptop under $600? Solved/Closed

    Looking for the best laptops under $600? Here is a complete list of the top 5 best laptops under 600 dollars based on sales volume, reviews, and perfo...

    mackph | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 10, 2021
    1 reply
  • My touchpad is not responding or working after water spill. Can it still work? Closed

    Hello, I have an Asus X555Q and i spilled a lot of water on the keyboard area.The screen turned off and i wasn't able to shut it down as the power key...

    Imsad | Latest reply: mattnicolas Jun 19, 2021
    1 reply
  • LG Gram 17Z990 R Closed

    Hello, My laptop turns on and stays stuck with the lg page without fully turning will stay on that screen for about 30 seconds then shuts ...

    Ali | Latest reply: Bob Dijks Jun 16, 2021
    1 reply
  • if i forget my password then how i set my new password Closed

    Hello, if i forget my password then how i set my new password?

    ruchirajpoot | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jun 16, 2021
    1 reply
  • Miss Closed

    Hello, my connex screen is deem what must I do

    Amanda | Latest reply: Amanda May 31, 2021
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  • acer aspire a315-21 Closed

    Hello, how to turn on keyboard back light?

    liey | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 31, 2021
    1 reply
  • My wifi turned off Closed

    Hello, My acer laptop wifi is turned off I have tried everything on YouTube and it’s still not working

    Benny | Latest reply: Bob Dijks May 28, 2021
    1 reply
  • Hp won't turn on Closed

    Hello, My laptop isn't turning on ,even when it's plugged,and the charging light is on .what can I do

    Adebayo | Latest reply: nathanwirth May 27, 2021
    1 reply
  • Black screen Closed

    Hello I shutdown my dell latitude e6440 laptop yesterday night because if i connet my phone with cord it not showing on ny computer, so i tried to t...

    YoungSid | Latest reply: GeekPeek May 25, 2021
    1 reply
  • free fire emotes unlock please Closed

    free fire my id 1967197887my please give imosta

    1967197887 | Latest reply: 1967197887 May 24, 2021
    1 reply
  • Lenovo G50 black screen but everything is running (fan hdd led lights cd rom) Closed

    Hello, my laptop while using it just normal use went black screen first time ever and ever since that day its just staying black screen removed ba...

    lonzo | Latest reply: Bob Dijks May 24, 2021
    1 reply
  • Hp probook 6460b Closed

    Thanks for making me to understand better. I don't really know why my Account was get locked and I'm waiting for FB to unlock my FB Account. Just sen...

    david1234567 | Latest reply: Natalia Kudryavtseva May 20, 2021
    1 reply
  • Dell Inspiron 15 3000 black screen Closed

    Hello, My computer is going black screen randomly. Then I had to press and hold the power button to restart again. It works. Also working when I h...

    Vijay | Latest reply: Bob Dijks May 19, 2021
    1 reply
  • Hp elite book 2710p touch Closed

    Hello, I break my laptop keyboard and seddenly its display become off and the power lights are on when i remove battery and put it back light will a...

    Haseeb | Latest reply: GeekPeek May 18, 2021
    1 reply
  • blue light is not on and laptop takes time to switch on Closed

    Hello, my laptop's blue light does not turn on and also it takes time to switch on my laptop what should I do?

    bella612 | Latest reply: GeekPeek May 18, 2021
    1 reply
  • This is too hard........... Closed

    on my computer I only got is the tun off button and the number 2, so any more ideas smart guy.

    Goth999100 | Latest reply: balloonygirl359 May 11, 2021
    1 reply
  • Mi cuenta Closed

    Hola me rio barón mi cuenta de Free Fire si se puede recuperar todavía

    Esteban | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 5, 2021
    1 reply
  • Laptop not turning on Closed

    Hello, my 11.6 inch Zed laptop hasn't been turning on for a while now,it was okay when I bought it until after sometime. I had to press the boot butto...

    Taonga_8334 | Latest reply: David Webb May 4, 2021
    1 reply
  • Acer laptopnot turn on Closed

    Hello, My acer laptop not turn on. Battery charging led on.but laptop not on .i cant see bluelight

    Ronit | Latest reply: David Webb May 3, 2021
    1 reply
  • Can someone help me please? Closed

    Hello, My acer computer does not type some letters and their all out of order for example “m is 0 instead of m” and I or o they don’t work, so I...

    Abigaiore1109 | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 27, 2021
    1 reply
  • HP laptop power issues Solved/Closed

    Hello, My HP laptop has recently gone dead on me. No response from the power button at all. What is odd is that the power supply light is brightl...

    Mack | Latest reply: lynn1013 Apr 25, 2021
    14 replies
  • Lenovo laptop Closed

    my lenovo laptop does not have f8 to restart it then what do i do

    coolguy | Latest reply: charlesmatthews Apr 23, 2021
    3 replies
  • Facebook account not match Closed

    Hello, please my account facebook

    Rajasekhar | Latest reply: charlesmatthews Apr 23, 2021
    2 replies
  • Laptop suddenly turns off Closed

    Hello, My laptop suddenly turns off and cannot open ..but when i charge it can be on but when i remove my charger the laptoo suddenly turns o...

    Lovely | Latest reply: charlesmatthews Apr 23, 2021
    2 replies
  • Ms Closed

    Hello, Where is the@ symbol on my acer computer

    Sherry | Latest reply: GeekPeek Apr 21, 2021
    1 reply
  • Toshiba Closed

    Hello, After that I see green light without battery only using charge and laptop and I see green light but whats solution that problem

    Toshiba | Latest reply: GeekPeek Apr 21, 2021
    1 reply
  • Forgot password Closed

    I have a packard bell n11290 and forgot my password is there anyway to reset it without admin login

    Harvs | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 20, 2021
    1 reply
  • Toshiba sp6000 Closed

    Hi guys, I am trying to revive an old laptop. I charged the battery but all i get is a brief green light when I press the start button. It is a nice l...

    Humph87 | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 19, 2021
    3 replies
  • Backspace issue Closed

    On my laptop the backspace makes a hashtag instead and my when i type the letter k it also adds a bracket. Any help.

    Sammy | Latest reply: GeekPeek Apr 18, 2021
    1 reply
  • Pradeep Reddtw Closed

    Hello, please get my account

    PradeepReddy | Latest reply: PradeepReddy Apr 15, 2021
    2 replies
  • Connex Swift Book Pro Closed

    Hello, My Connex laptop keeps Switching on and Off since yesterday. It's brand new. How can one resolve this?

    Ralebona | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 14, 2021
    1 reply
  • Acer spin 3 keyboard backlight Closed

    Hello, I was trying to turn on keyboard light on Acer spin 3 but could make it. Could anyone help me how can i turn on the light or maybe it doesn...

    NUGIKO | Latest reply: pauly4911 Apr 13, 2021
    1 reply
  • Hp turns on/off no display Closed

    Hello, my hp laptop turns on no display then turns off by itself. What can that be

    Mabaso | Latest reply: calliealbert Apr 12, 2021
    2 replies
  • How to select a proper boot device Closed

    hello I boot my computer but for some reason I can’t go to the desktop and it keeps asking to select a proper boot device which I donot under...

    Shakiraween | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 11, 2021
    1 reply
  • black screen problem... HELP Closed

    Hello, im Esther, I live in Bolivia, cant find any soluttion to my problem, and cant really afford to replace anything. I was updating the BIOS, my ...

    esther124 | Latest reply: funadm Apr 9, 2021
    3 replies
  • Laptop problem Closed

    Hello, So I had a rattling hp revolve 810 laptop and did not take it serious untill i yesterday when I shut it down normally so today as I tried...

    Sam | Latest reply: funadm Apr 8, 2021
    3 replies
  • toshiba laptop is unexpected shutdown Closed

    Hello, last time when my pc on update i try to shutdown started from that my laptop is unexpected shutdown please help me how can i solve

    gamealex@gma... | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 7, 2021
    1 reply
  • Keys not working for Toshiba laptop password can get in Closed

    Hello, I'm having trouble with my Toshiba Satellite laptop I can't remember the passcode and my keys are not working none of them please tell me how...

    Cheddybear | Latest reply: David Webb Apr 6, 2021
    1 reply
  • Connex logo Closed

    Hello, my connex only shows the connex logo and does not continue afterwards. What can I do?

    mjasto | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 3, 2021
    1 reply