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How to clear your web browser's cache?

May 2016

To avoid the saturation of your web browser's cache, you should clean it on a regular basis. The procedures for the most popular web-browsers are depicted below:

Google Chrome/Chromium

Method 1:
  • Go to this URL chrome://settings/clearBrowserData > Clear browsing data.

Method 2:
  • Click on the Customize and control Google Chrome button.
  • Go to Settings > History > Clear browsing data
  • Select the time period for which you want to clear your data and validate.


Mozilla SeaMonkey:
  • Go to the Edit menu > Preferences > Advanced >Cache
  • Click on the Empty Cache button and validate.

Mozilla Firefox:
  • Go to: Tools > Clear Recent History
  • Select the items you want to delete and validate.

Internet Explorer

  • Go to Tools > Internet Options > General tab.
  • Click on the "Delete" button (Browsing history section)
  • Select the items you want to delete and validate.


  • Click on the Opera button.
  • Go to Settings > Privacy & security .
  • Click on the "Clear Browsing data".
  • Check "Empty the cache" and select the time period for which you want to clear your data.


  • First you will need to display the Develop menu:
    • Click on the Safari button > Preferences > Advanced tab.
    • Check "Show Develop menu in menu bar"
  • Click on the Develop menu > Empty cache.

Using CCleaner

  • CCleaner allows you to empty the cache of your various web browsers (IE, Opera, Firefox ...) via a single interface.

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