Google Chrome takes too long to load a page

September 2017

The Google Chrome web browser can take too long to load a page for various reasons. Theinternet surfing speed suffers when loading heavy JavaScript web pages. Memory consumption in Chrome is optimum as it uses the same tabs for opening pages. The CPU usage by Chrome is also one of the factors web as page loading time is averagely 1.34 seconds; so memory release may be considered a safe bet. Offline caching performance is to be determined for loading purposes. Application support is under construction, with Google working on it. Because Chrome has everything embedded, it takes a while to load when security is concerned. But Chrome offers more security as the read or write option to any files on the computer is omitted.


If Google Chrome seems to take a long time to load a website or search, it may be configured to access pages through a web proxy. Check whether the "Resolving proxy" message appears in the lower-left corner of the browser window.


Follow these steps to change your proxy setting (for Windows):
  • Click the Tools menu.
  • Select Options.
  • Click the Under the Hood tab.
  • In the "Network" section, click Change proxy settings. This will open the Internet Properties dialog.
  • Click LAN settings .
  • Deselect the "Automatically detect settings" checkbox.

Thanks to Shellipe for this tip


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