The latest articles by David Webb

  • Activate Internet booster: Vodafone India

    What if you consume your 4G Internet data two or three weeks before the monthly billing date? Here is an easy way to activate a booster pack on your phone number if you are using Vodafone India.

  • Winter Olympics 2022: schedule, sports, where to watch

    After what seemed like a long wait for Tokyo 2020, the Beijing 2022 Winter Oympics are already here. In this article we will show you everything you need to know about Beijing 2022, from the Opening Ceremony to how to watch the Winter games online for free.

  • Add or remove the progress bar in PowerPoint

    Added visual components, such as a progress bar, can make your PowerPoint presentations much more appealing to viewers. A progress bar will show the status of the current slide in relation to the total number of slides in a presentation. Inserting a progress bar must be done via macro. This article will explain you how to do.

  • Tokyo Olympics: watch online, live, free

    After the postponement of many major sporting events in 2020, the summer of 2021 was full of sport! Beginning with the 2020 European Football Championships, Wimbledon and the 2021 Tour de France, three events that finished before the 2020 Olympics started in July, and finished with the Tokyo Paralympics which ran from August into September. This article will show you the Olympics start date, how to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for free and the rough outline of the Olympic schedule.

  • How to detect screen resolution with JavaScript

    There is no native function in PHP that can detect the display resolution. Webmaster insights will help to solve this problem arising in PHP. Java script can be used in this case, which will detect the display resolution. The script will do so, by using the width and height features of the screen. The required code for this has to be inserted into a HTML document. Once it is done, the settings can be switched to the PHP script through proper coding methods.

  • Opera torrent: extension, support, settings

    Opera used to allow you to download torrents (BiT torrent protocol) directly via its interface, without using any P2P client. Upon downloading a magnet link (e.g downloading Ubuntu) under Opera, you would be prompted to choose if you want to start downloading your torrent via Opera or the P2P software installed on your system. Since version 12.17, this is no longer possible, but you still have options.

  • VLC record YouTube stream

    You may want to download a YouTube video so that you can play it offline, share it amongst your friends or download it so that you can play it. In this article you will learn how to record a Youtube video with VLC.