How to delete MSN accounts or Hotmail accounts?

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Closing its MSN/Hotmail email address

  • Go on the following page:
  • Type in your MSN email and you password (if not connected)
  • Click on the top right of your name / nickname (where there is your avatar) and select "Account Settings"

Remove an email address within MSN Messenger

To delete email history in MSN, if some friends have used your computer for example:
  • Open the Start menu and click on "Execute":
  • Type in the following command and submit by hitting the enter key:
    control userpasswords2
  • In the advanced options tab, click on Manage passwords
  • Remove unwanted MSN addresses

Delete an MSN account on XP

Within Windows XP follow these instructions:
  • Click on the Start Menu / Control Panel
  • User accounts
  • Choose your account
  • In the upper left corner, there's a link to "Manage my network passwords", click on it and you'll get access to a page that will allow you to delete your MSN account.
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