How To Type Special Characters on Facebook

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Facebook doesn't currently provide a native feature for the insertion of special characters into your status updates and messages, but that doesn't mean you can't do it. Creating custom text has never been so easy. You can use your computer's default character map, a word processor, or a browser plug-in to rapidly insert special characters and symbols into your posts.

Insert Special Characters and Symbols Using Word

Open a blank document and click on Insert > Symbols. Click on Symbol > More symbols. Select the desired symbol or special character and click Insert to add it to your document:

Repeat the operation to insert more symbols into your Word document. Once done, copy and paste the symbols into your post or comment:

Type Special Characters and Symbols with the Character Map

You can use the Character Map to copy and paste special characters into your posts. Open the Run command, type
and press Enter to bring up the Character Map:

Click on the special characters or symbols you'd like to use. The selected characters will appear in the Character to copy field:

Click on the Copy button to copy the selection to your clipboard. You can now paste the selected text in your Facebook post or message.

Type Special Characters and Symbols with a Browser Extension

Special Characters is a browser extension for Google Chrome that will enable you to rapidly insert special characters in online forms or text fields. You can download the extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Special Characters will enable you to organize your special characters into collections. To create or update a collection, right-click on the Special Characters icon > Options:

Click on Add Character and copy and paste the character you'd like to use (from the Character map or webpage) into the Character field. Repeat the operation to add more characters to the collection:

Click on Save to update the collection.

To insert a special character into a Facebook comment or update, you simply have to right-click in the text field and select Special Characters > Insert (special character):
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