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How To Download Facebook Videos

When you stumble upon a really interesting or funny video on Facebook, you might consider saving it to your PC for offline viewing. You can download videos publicly shared on the social network in a couple of easy steps.

Download a Video from Facebook

Websites such as fbdown.net, downvids.net, facebookvideoz.com, and downfacebook.com allow you to download Facebook videos for free.

The first step is to retrieve the URL of the desired video. Open your web browser, sign-in to your Facebook account, and then browse for the post containing the video. Start the video and then right-click on the playback screen > Show Video URL:
Do a [CTRL] + [C] to copy the URL to your clipboard and head to one of the proposed websites (they all work in the same way). Paste the video URL in the Enter Facebook Video URL field and then click on the Download button:
Choose you download preferences (HD or Normal Quality) and then proceed to the download phase. Videos are usually downloaded in the MP4 format.

N.B. These websites tend to offer a much safer alternative to mobile apps and browser plug-ins as they don’t require any type of registration or access to your Facebook account.

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