How To Delete WhatsApp Account Permanently

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WhatsApp is world’s most famous instant messaging app. This app which is used more than the SMS service is found in almost every smartphone. Installing it does not require to generate any ID like WeChat or BlackBerry Messenger. However, if anyone wants to stay away from WhatsApp, the account can be deleted.

How To Delete WhatsApp Account

Open the app and click on the three points located on the right-hand side of the main interface:

It will open a dropdown menu in which the user has to click on Settings:

Click on the Account option located adjacent to the picture of a key:

Click on the Delete My Account in the dropdown menu:

Clicking on this option will present two further options. The user can permanently delete the WhatsApp account, or choose to transfer it to another phone number.

The user has to enter the country code and new phone number to change the WhatsApp account details. After it, the user should click the DELETE MY ACCOUNT:

Image: © WhatsApp.
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