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How To Permanently Delete a WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is the world’s most-used instant messaging app, used more than any of its competitors. Installing it is easy, as is deleting it. If you would like to permanently delete your WhatsApp account, continue reading to find out how.

How To Delete a WhatsApp Account

To delete a WhatsApp account, open the app and click the three vertical dots located on the right-hand side of the main interface:

This will open a drop-down menu, in which you should click bold>Settings</bold>:

Next, click the Account option located adjacent to the key icon:

Then, click the Delete My Account option in the drop-down menu:

Clicking this option will present you with two more options: permanently delete the WhatsApp account, or choose to transfer it to another phone number.

To permanently delete your account, first confirm your phone number and country code, then press DELETE MY ACCOUNT:

Image: © WhatsApp.

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