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Dell inspiron 15 won't turn on


Hi, I have an Inspiron 15 5000 series and I was having trouble with the display. I turn on my laptop and then I login but after I login all I see is ...

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Monitor keeps receiving a signal then turns to power save mode


I plugged my monitor into my xbox and it works fine, but on my PC it will turn on for 10 seconds then go to power save mode. I took out the video card...

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External monitor to broken laptop screen


Hello, I am having a problem. My laptop LCD screen broke and I don't have the money to replace it, but what I do have is a extra Monitor. I want to ...

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Monitor says no video output


Hello, I've just changed my computers CPU From a AMD A10 9700 to a Ryzen 5 3600, but when I turn on my PC my monitor says no video output, but the...

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Sata hdd not detected in bios. but sometimes it does.


Hello, recently my pc has started malfunctioning. windows will not boot! when I enter setup (bios) I cant see my hdd. sometimes its there and someti...

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Computer beeps on startup


I went on vacation for a week and my computer was running fine. Then when I got home and started it up my computer there were long spread out beeps 2 ...

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Lenovo thinkpad e11 won’t turn on beeps and f1, f4 and fn lights are on


Hello, My laptop stopped turning on peeps 1-3-3-1 and has f1, f2 and fn lights on. I’ve tried all the methods including unplugging the batte...

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Pendrive folder appears empty


Hello, My system is not reading the folders in pendrive and other folder. Moreover, search option is also disabled. Please help!

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Removing write protection using diskpart


Hello, Removing write-protection using Diskpart With your USB drive plugged in, launch a command prompt. Do this by searching for cmd.exe in the...

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Hp pavilion dv6 touch pad volume not working


Hello, my hp pavilion dv6 laptop touch pad volume control and wifi control has stopped working. it is not on the screen but septerate from the keyboar...

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Toshiba black screen won't start


Heyy, please help!! Okay, so here's the thing, my Toshiba Satellite A305 has been giving me a really hard time lately. First of all, it's been shut...

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Boot loop help


Hello, I have a problem and I don't know how to fix, I started my pc and everything blocked in desktop, I can't move the mouse and do the keyboard com...

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Toshiba satellite pro c850 touchpad not working


My toshiba satellite pro C850 touchpad is not working when u want to tap on it but the only the left and right clicks are working.please help! -- Ef...

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Wd my passport 1tb asking for format


Hello, When I connect hard drive to my PC then it shows just blank (H:) drive and address bar shows content loading. I wait more than 15 to 20 mins...

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Disk drive not showing up


Hello, Can someone pls help me. Every time I insert a disk into my disk drive it dosent come up at all. Its like it doesnt exsiest at all. Because wh...

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My hard drive partition not show up after i formatted my laptop


Hello, I have a formatted my laptop from win 8 to win 7 and I have 2 partition before that, after I successfully downgraded it my other partition ...

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Pc stops boot


After not using my refurbished Dell PC for a few days it will boot only long enough to present minimal manufacturer information on the monitor. The PC...

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Power light is on no display no beep no fan no bootup


Hello, I have a Dell Inspiron 5145 laptop. When I try to start it the power LED light comes on but no display, no beep, no fan. I have some very im...

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Realtek hd sound problems w/ 5.1 speaker


Hello, Hi, I have windows vista 64 bit SP1. My sound card is an integrated Realtek HD 5.1. Picked up the Logitech x-540 speaker system yesterda...

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My mp3 player won't charge or turn on


Hello,Was charging my player, and all of a sudden it stopped. Now I cannot charge it and it will not turn on either, it's a Sansa Fuze. Please help me...

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Restoring toshiba laptop to factory settings


Hi All, I got a virus on my Toshiba Sattellite and now it won't boot. I don't have any personal stuff that I need to keep so restoring it to fac...

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How to get into bios for sony vaio


Hello, I want to format my sony vaio laptop.....but I dont know how to get into bios.......plz help me out Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox ...

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Computer can not show the cd/dvd rom (drive e)


Hello, my computer can not show me the CD/DVD ROM please help me. It used to show me some time back but this time around the icon has been removed fr...

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Unhide virus infected files


Hello, my external usb drive was infected by the virus and files + folders are present but not visible. plz help imtiaz System Configurati...

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O.s. on pendrive won't "boot"


I put a Linux O.S. on a pendrive as full install. It's on the second partition of said pendrive. The boot flag is marked and it's a "primary, active" ...

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Cpu starts but monitor display no signal


Hello, I have a problem on my computer. few days before the computer runs normally and now this day when I turn it on the monitor displays "no sign...

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No hard drive detected


Hello, I turned on my Dell Inspiron N5110 and it said to reboot and said no hard drive detected> It worked fine last night. Of course my warrantee...

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Acer laptop wont turn on when unplugged


Hello, My Acer laptop (VN7 - 592G) wont turn on without plugging to charger. When plugged and turn on, the blue charging led is on, battery is det...

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Acer aspire one - keyboard not working


Hello, Keyboard non responsive on Acer Aspire ONE. Have tried pretty much everything...when running in BIOS, the keyboard worked. Have tried to ...

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External monitor problems!!!


So my Lenovo laptop has a broken screen so you can’t see anything. And I hooked it up to an external monitor with hdmi and was able to get the laptop ...

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Fn key not working properly.


Hello, so I have this problem, I own an Acer Aspire One, and yesterday my Fn key stopped working when I try to increase or decrease the volume (Fn+Up...

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Laptop shut off, will not turn back on


Hello, I have a gateway laptop,it was plugged in and charging and on, and it sudddenly just shut off and now will not turn back on. I dont know if th...

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Sound drivers for intel(r) celeron(r) d cpu


Hello, i have lost the sound drivers for Intel(R) celeron(R) D CPU please provide me soon

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Ipod has white screen of death


Hello, my ipod has apples white screen of death but when hold select and menu it turns off and it's still white and then it beeps twice I did this e...

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Hdmi doesnt show up as playback optional


Hello, I've been reading through all of your forum questions and have not found my problem solved yet, so I'll try asking. I've been watching movies...

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Laptop keyboard keys changed


Hello, I have a problem with my Toshiba satellite L10-108 laptop keyboard. If think that I might have changed my keyboard settings somehow. My ke...

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Dvd/rw will not read anything


Hello, my DVD/RW will not read cds, dvds or data discs. I used it regularly for burning both cds and dvds, up until 2days ago when it suddenly decide...

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External seagate hard drive is not showing files


Hi, My external 1TB Seagate hard drive is not showing any file or folder in it. However, it shows the space occupied by those files. And, it is no...

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One ram slot not working?


Hey there, I am using a quite old MSI 740GTM -P25 Motherboard with an AMD Phenom 2 X2 555, 4 Gigs of RAM. Here's my problem. When I place both...

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Hello, My Acer laptop shut down and won't start I tried push start button for 20 second a method still no go. Any suggestions please.?

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Pendrive keeps losing formatting


Got a SanDisk Cruzer Glide 8Gib-2.0(high speed) pendrive that keeps losing the formatting(Fat32). Thought it may be the MBR, so re-built it, but haven...

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Laptop function key problem


Hello, in my laptop function key is working in reverse form what I have to doSystem Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0

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Monitor display turned upside down


Hey there, I'm having an acute problem concerning my monitor. The display has turned upside down and I don't know how to set it the right way. Can ...

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I have a son disk usb that I formatted for an xbox 360 and now I want to reformat it for my hp laptop and it's not giving me th option

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File or directory is corrupt or unreadable


I have Portable HDD of 260GB, and I have made 3 partition in it. Drive Name are as follows; G: (Corrupted) H: (Corrupted) I: (Working) the pr...

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Led moniter is too bright


The LCD of my PC is too bright even i can't read any document, its not software issue i adjust it from the control panel but nothing happend, I also c...

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Secondary monitor shuts off when laptop close


Hello, I have a new dell Inspiron laptop. I purchased a Keningston docking station. Everything works fine if my laptop lid is open, but if I close...

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Monitor blank keyboard also not working


Hello, My desktop working but my lcd monitor shows nothing and keyboard also not working . What to do?

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Cpu ez boot error


Hello, I've built a new PC and have got myself really stumped. When I turn the PC on all fans kick in (good) CPU ez boot led turns on and stays ...

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