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Not able to open folders in pendrive


Hello, I am not able to view open folders in my pendrive. Folders in the drive appears like a shorcut Icon and there is ".LNK" associated with al...

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How to unblock my hotmail account


Hello, Nino here. How can I unblock my hotmail account please? Why have I been blocked? Keeps on asking me (mother birthplace) My secret question ...

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I think my browsers have been hijacked


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 17.0 I think I have been hijacked. I cannot go to my home page. There is now this link in it: websearc...

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Can someone help me? i have a virus.


Hello, I have a virus that has taken over my administrator rights. I cannot access any of my programs...including my anti virus program. I've tri...

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Folders having files/movies not shown in hdd


Hello, I have so many movies, files, folders & musics in my external hard disk . Due to some virus or something i don't know when i opened the exter...

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The pc wont work, white page, virus?


Hello, Yesterday I was doing some research and opened various pages in different tabs and suddenly my screen went white and said "internet explore...

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Hello, Windows action center has told me to "remove the Win32/Small.CA virus from your computer".I have mcafee antivirus but it is unable to detec...

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Not able to access data

Hello, All the folders in external hdd has become shortcut. i deleted the virus. I tried to run the "attrib" command in cmd but of no use. it sa...

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100 % cpu at reboot and no access to windows update


Hello, I have an xp pc that was running ok despite the fact that i can not acess windows update for years but since i run mbam it works ok, althou...

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Running a scan on my pc


Hello, I've down loaded malware now how do I run a scan on my pc. Thanks, Ilovepizza Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

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Zohaib R

Taskbar disabled & explorer.exe won't boot.


Ok sound long story short, my explorer.exe won't boot up. I turn my computer on and it loads nomally. Then the walpaper apears but no icons or start m...

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How to remove recycler virus from my drive?


Hello, My WD My passport 1 TB external hard disk is showing the error when I try to open drive. I am not able to see my all old data. I can see ju...

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sarath vaikom

Search result redirecting to another site


Hello, I am really frustrted.Can someone plz help? I got infected with the Antivirus XP 2008 today. I removed it. But now having a problem. When I se...

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How to know if someone hack my computer?


Hello,sirs, I wannt to know how could I know if someone hack my computer, I mean he could acess my folders without I saw him ?

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Choose the program major problem!!!


Hey guys, I really need your help and im hoping someone can help me. Every time I want to open a program it says "choose a program you want to use to...

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Win 7 choose a file to open a program?


Hello, I have a big problem evertime I open a program my laptop asks me to choose a file to run the program with And I want this to stop and I wa...

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How to remove win32/small.cavirus?


Hello, I am not knowledgeable in the field of IT.Mostly i use my pc to surf on the net and for personal use.However since the 20th of October...

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Shellexecuteex failed; code 170 the requested resource is in use


Hello, I cant install any software, everytime it shows ''shellExecuteEx failed; code 170 The requested resource is in use'' this error message. pl...

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Automatically website open


Hello, after every restart website automatically open in my browser,i was using internet e...

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New user has no desktop icons...


Hello, Just want to say thanks to this forum for helping me solve my computer problem. No desktop icons this morning and no access to Explorer. ...

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Zohaib R

A very sick computer


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 23.0.1271.64 Hi, I am new here and I need a very big help. I have been searching for a solution...

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What it is babylon. toolbar? is it a virus?


Hello, one day when i started up my laptop the program spyboot show me that i have 2 problems but i cant fixet. the came this HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\App...

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Csrss.exe virus problem


Hello, I got a serious problem with a virus I got, seems that it is infecting the csrss.exe file of my OS (windows 7 64bit). My antivirus MSE (Mic...

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Shortcuts instead of folders

Hi, I am having problems with my USB drive. I copy any folders on it and it shows as shortcuts instead of folders. I have Microsoft Security Essent...

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Help all my computer files are hidden!


Hello, I ahd a virus called windows restore and it started to get anoying so I removed it and all its malware and everything on my desktop was mis...

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My laptop has bsod, no safe modes, and recovery partition

Hi, My laptop has BSOD which says kdcom.dll I can no longer get into any safe modes. i tried ctrl F10 for recovery partion and that wont start up. So...

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Avira update problems


Hello, My Avira does not want to update anymore and my liscence key is valid any idea?

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Windows 7 virus win32/ trojan


Hello, Windows action center has told me to "remove the Win32/Small.CA virus from your computer". Since then my computer has blue screened many...

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Pendrive all shortcuts


hello ,i have a handy drive and I dont know if a virus done it that my folders in the drive became shortcut and and it include the shortcuts of myfold...

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Windows media center virus


Hello, How do I remove a virus that has Windows Media Center opening at start up and has also disabled the Internet and my control panel? Any help...

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Folders turn shortcut & recycler appear


hi, please I really need you're help guys... a week ago my external hard drive got a virus and turn all the folders into shortcut and a folder "recyc...

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My laptop won't start


Hello, i think I got a virus. I was on Firefox when my computer spontaneously shut down. When I try to restart it the computer tries to restart...

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Duplicate csrss.exe - assistance?

Hello, I am generally fairly computer savvy but NOT when it comes to this kind of stuff. I work more in website and email, not in getting into th...

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Rundll error msiyzz32.dll


Hello, I have this message every time I turn on my Laptop, an error about RunDLL the message is this "There was problem starting msiyzz32.dll" i ne...

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Hidden files on my hard disk...

Hello, I went through the similar post by rayan on Nov7 2011 and the solution given by sundar7701 including discussions thereafter; tried all the ...

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How to open hidden files

Hello, I mike, i have my memory card stick of Sony Cybershot camera, when i insert the memory card stick on my PC through card slot, kaspersky perfor...

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Cant use the memory card properly

Hello, my disk have some virus containing file and cant b formatted wht should i do, please? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 22.0.1229.79

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Zohaib R

How to remove autorun.inf virus , open hidden


Hello, seems like I am infected with an autorun.inf virus. Could you help me to remove it ? Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

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Runtime error 216 at 0000000005caa105

My computer is not working whenever i turn it on a window will pop up and say that windows explorers has stopped working that that its restarting then...

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Can not boot my aspire d250

Hello, When I try to start my Acer Aspire D250-1151 I get the error message "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or ...

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Cannot copy certain jpegs from a sd card

Hello, I am trying to dowload, copy, highlight or drag pictures from My cameras memory card as I always do, and there are 91 pictures is a series of 3...

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All folders in hard drive changed to shortcut

Hello, All files and folders in my external hard drive changed to shortcuts and i put that to my PC and my PC has a strong antivirus so it cleans...

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My computer shut down automatically

Hello, My computer shut down automatically ..........and this the script I am using Win xp Professio...

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Why is my laptop freezing ?

hey everybody i need your help :) since about a month my laptop (dell inspiron 6400 , windows 7) is freezing after 30 minutes from turning it on ,...

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Virus on computer. can't access anything.

Hello, I managed to get a virus on my laptop which upon startup opens a webpage that completely blocks me from accessing any part of my computer. ...

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Malware hides folders on external drives.


Hello, I've contracted the "Hidden Folders" malware. It only affects my external drives. I ran unhide.exe to no avail, I tried a registry fix ment...

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Files on external drive changed to shortcuts


Hello, Hi; the attrib commad couldn't work with me, it stated access denied, - L:\$recycle bin pls help me Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari...

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My google searches keep getting redirected!!!


Hello, OS: Windows Vista Google Chrome Antivirus: Avast! Whenever I type something on Google and click on any link, sometimes the links redirec...

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Facing problem with virus in pen drive

Hello, I am facing problem with my all pen drives , every time i use pen drive some shortcuts are automatically created. Some time virus hide m...

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Google image redirect notice

hey i have a alienware m15x with windows 7 64 bit. I just started to have this problem 2 days ago, when i search on google images i keep getting th...

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