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  • I am getting Blue screen error... Closed

    Hello, I am get blue screen error in my dell laptop plz guide me guys? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 48.0.2564.97

    Sathik.dal | Windows | Latest reply: BrianGreen Feb 4, 2016
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  • You'll need to provide administrator permission to copy folder Closed

    Hi, we are managing windows server 2012 with domain. when users pasting some files or folder in the c drive then asking You'll need to provide admin...

    pawansoni19 | Windows | Latest reply: pawansoni19 Feb 4, 2016
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  • Dell Inspiron laptop Closed

    Hello, Please can anyone help me? I have an old dell Inspiron laptop which I have had hacked into by a vicious ex partner. He has somehow manage...

    Widgeon72 | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Ambucias Feb 4, 2016
    1 reply
  • Inspiron 1564 Power Problem Closed

    Hi, I'm using Inspiron 1564, from last night it suddenly shut down while working,the problem still persists. What is the problem and how to resolve ...

    Aslam411 | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Aslam411 Feb 3, 2016
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  • Windows 10 fn keys not showing notifications Closed

    When I press the fn keys relating to sound a sound bar pops up showing me the current volume. Other fn keys used to do this such as turn webcam on and...

    potato132 | Windows | Latest reply: potato132 Feb 2, 2016
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  • sounds for Internet movies Closed

    Hello, I checked my sound setting and still no sound. it's not low? Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 28.0.1500.94

    Bonne | Windows | Latest reply: Tabeer Feb 2, 2016
    1 reply
  • How to disable f key Closed

    i want activate a trainer in strong hold crusader 2 it says i have to press f keys but my f keys are used for different functions like brightness soun...

    azeemns | Windows | Latest reply: azeemns Feb 2, 2016
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  • install Canon Pimax scanner/printer Closed

    Hello, I'm not getting any answers that work as per prior enquiries. Just need to know how to install Canon Pimax scanner/printer

    MiniMorris | Windows | Latest reply: ac3mark Feb 1, 2016
    3 replies
  • canoscan Lide 110 Closed

    I have been trying to obtain a free download of the priner driver software for CANON Canooscan Lide 110. Would appreciate suggestions. Thank you

    richardson_d... | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 31, 2016
    1 reply
  • Microsoft Fix It fails to establish Internet connection Closed

    Hello, When executing Microsoft Fix It after the successful download with the purpose to upgrade Microsoft Vista to Windows 7 I get the followin...

    WRUSSELL7 | Windows Vista | Latest reply: WRUSSELL7 Jan 31, 2016
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  • HELP was working fine now I cant type into the start search box Closed

    HELP was working fine now I cant type into the start search box .... was ok out of the box win10 preloaded .... but now a few weeks in I cant even ge...

    MARIQQQ | Windows 10 | Latest reply: MARIQQQ Jan 31, 2016
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  • Resetting Toshiba NB250 in Korean Closed

    I just resetted Toshiba nb250, i had a hard time because the language was set in korean, i followed instructions based on an online user manual. Im ha...

    Nicole_97 | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Nicole_97 Jan 31, 2016
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  • Access denied Closed

    Hello, Good day I have a problem while access my local drive E What i did mistake was i did changes in the security options so even administrator ...

    Kuswanth | Windows 8 | Latest reply: Kuswanth Jan 31, 2016
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  • IMAP settings for Windows 10 Mail app Solved/Closed

    Hello, does not support IMAP, but this works for the Mail app on Windows 10. I am looking for places to get this posted as this informa...

    B | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 30, 2016
    5 replies
  • Windows 8.1 to 10 desktop is completely MIA Closed

    After upgrading from Windows 8.1 to 10 my desktop is nowhere to be found. My tech guy has no idea. I found lots of missing icon info but nothing on a ...

    lsskater | Windows 10 | Latest reply: lsskater Jan 30, 2016
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  • Windows Script Error + Keyboard lighting Closed

    Hello, Much like everyone else on this forum, I'm also having a script error that is effecting gameplay as well as pestering me now. "C:\ProgramD...

    Dylan | Windows | Latest reply: Dylan Jan 29, 2016
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  • video files did not play Closed

    friends my pc running on win xp sp 2 did not plays the hd videos. before new window it worked better but when I installed new window and video drivers...

    b4ushaheen | Windows XP | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 29, 2016
    1 reply
  • Laptop Won't Turn On Solved/Closed

    Hello, I tried to download photoshop onto my laptop, and then the screen went black. I turned the laptop off using the power button, but even thoug...

    Selena1227 | Windows | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 29, 2016
    3 replies
  • No sounds anywhere on my Toshiba laptop!!! Solved/Closed

    First off all I'm really sorry for my bad English. As the title says, there is no sounds anywhere. When I start my laptop I don't hear anything (eg: ...

    Mevlat. | Windows XP | Latest reply: Brandi S. Jan 29, 2016
    3 replies
  • stops working error Closed

    Hello, i m from solapur. i m geting windows has stopped working error for acrobat reader, windows explorer, mic. office 10, winrar. i also unable so...

    gita | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Computertech Jan 29, 2016
    1 reply
  • Screen goes black after 10-15 minutes Closed

    Hello, The screen on my Lenovo PC goes black after 10-15 minutes even when I am watching a movie. It will than resume once I press a key or touch ...

    Adree | Windows | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 28, 2016
    1 reply
  • problem viber Closed

    Hello, i can instal viber in my pc i have vista Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 43.0

    anastasios | Windows Vista | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 28, 2016
    1 reply
  • Tally ERP 9 hang or going disconnect after 1 or 2 hour Closed

    Hello, Tally ERP 9 hang or going disconnect after 1 or 2 hour. Please help me... Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 47.0.2526.111

    kowsiq | Windows | Latest reply: kowsiq Jan 28, 2016
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  • keyboard types random characters Closed

    Hello, My keyboard keeps typing random letters and symbols on the right side of the computer. For example, if I type "i" I will get "IPO" and if...

    Linh | Windows | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 27, 2016
    5 replies
  • stressed and clueless Closed

    Hello, I received this gateway from a family friend. i want to factory reset it but when i use recovery / reset option it keeps asking for a passwor...

    Stardust | Windows | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 27, 2016
    1 reply
  • Windows Live Mail Closed

    Hello, I am a 'computer dummy' so clearly, please. I have Windows 7 and use Windows Live Mail for my Emails. When I click on Send/Receive to see ...

    Rena | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Rena Jan 27, 2016
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  • my computer automatic shutdown on time 3.30 Solved/Closed

    Hello, How Can we Shutdown our System By Setting a Shutdown Time. For example if we want to shutdown my computer at 3.30pm how can we do it auto...

    vinod kumar | Windows XP | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 27, 2016
    2 replies
  • My laptop Closed

    My laptop comes on ,but got a black screen

    Robin1958 | Windows 8 | Latest reply: BunoCS Jan 27, 2016
    1 reply
  • my acer laptop can not search bluethoot Closed

    Hello, please send me solution Configuration: Windows / Chrome 46.0.2490.86

    kaleem ullah | Windows 8 | Latest reply: kaleem ullah Jan 27, 2016
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  • change my laptop language Closed

    Hello, i want to know how to change my laptop language from korean to english Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0

    ramson | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Computertech Jan 27, 2016
    1 reply
  • change language from Chinese to Engligh Closed

    Hello, how do I change the language of my ASUS A455L laptop from Chinese to English. Please Help! I updated to Windows 10 and it reset in Chinese ...

    Veronica | Windows | Latest reply: Veronica Jan 26, 2016
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  • when i shutdown my pc it reopen Closed

    Hello, i am steve from burma i have a big problem it is about my computer. when i shutdown using start menu and it shutdown but it reopen from user l...

    steve | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • forgot admin password for start up Closed

    I forgot my admin password for start up and i cant boot up,how can i reset it?

    Listo14 | Windows 7 | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • Wont boot up without error Closed

    My laptop is acting like its booting in network

    Eatonjanie | Windows 7 | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • udf file Closed

    Hello, will this enable me to open artwork that has been wrongly saved on udf file cds Configuration: Windows 7 / Mozilla 11.0

    rodg | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • realtek hd audio update driver Closed

    Hello, i have this speaker system hooked to my computer It says to update driver. i did not register it so therefore how can i update it Config...

    torrie | Windows 7 | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • How to unlock folder lock application Closed

    Hello, How to unlock folder lock application as I dont have serila key. its just the downloaded free version. Please help as I have hidden in tha...

    Prince | Windows 8 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 26, 2016
    1 reply
  • windows live Keeps saying missing dllcore Closed

    will not let me open. Keeps saying I am missing a dllcore. I tried removing and downloading again, Then it says I am not on the internet Thank you ...

    buttonNOSE | Windows 7 | Latest reply: buttonNOSE Jan 26, 2016
    2 replies
  • Windows 10 Start Menu is locked to Desktop Screen Closed

    So t'is is weird. When I opened my newly upgraded Win 10 (I recently upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate), I found that the "start screen" was locked to t...

    qq410219243 | Windows 10 | Latest reply: qq410219243 Jan 25, 2016
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  • forgetting login password of windows7. Closed

    Hello, i forget my windows7 log in password,i have no disk. so please help me to login without disk. Configuration: Windows / Chrome 47.0.2526....

    chinnu | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 25, 2016
    1 reply
  • Message on the screen Your account has been disabled Closed

    Hello, Windows 10 downloaded few days back. By mistake I have disabled Administrator account. Now a message flashing on the Screen that "Your accoun...

    satish | Windows 10 | Latest reply: satish Jan 25, 2016
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  • Blank screen with curser point Closed

    Hello, Here on my screen showing blank screen with curser point and when using ctrl alt delete button not showing task manager option.please help ...

    Sandu | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Sandu Jan 24, 2016
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  • dvd not an valid win 32 application Closed

    Hello, i am using win 7 proff. So i just entered a game dvd in my pc and then i opened the application present in dvd then after some time pc says err...

    piyush | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 24, 2016
    2 replies
  • Only have wallpaper Closed

    Hello, I download software for HPF4400 series printer and during the end stage of download the screen went blank. I have wallpaper date and time but...

    Brenda | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Brenda Jan 24, 2016
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  • Aspire V3-531 Closed

    Hello, I have bough New battery for my laptop it is green on the battery and blue light on charging on laptop but when I press power button comes blue...

    Amanda | Windows 7 | Latest reply: Ambucias Jan 23, 2016
    1 reply
  • Explorer.exe issues I guess Closed

    Well I looked at a lot of questions about some explorer.exe problems and at their solutions but none of them worked for me so I'll expose my specific ...

    Kodkey | Windows | Latest reply: Kodkey Jan 23, 2016
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  • Can not turn off laptop Closed

    Hello, I updated my dell lap top today and after that I can not open the app windows, or open the internet or use the pad to open windows I can only...

    Airam | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Computertech Jan 22, 2016
    1 reply
  • Unable to Install windows XP over windows 7 Closed

    Having read the threads on this question, whilst I've found it gets me further, I still face shutdown of system. I have two hard drives, 1 windows 7,...

    evanjamesact | Windows 7 | Latest reply: ac3mark Jan 22, 2016
    1 reply
  • Problems with window 10 Closed

    I have window 10 and when I click my desktop icon it doesn't open just times-out. Help please, how to fix this?

    Georgiaslim | Windows 10 | Latest reply: Georgiaslim Jan 22, 2016
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  • Cannot find Molo.txt Closed

    Hello, I've been getting an error thats says this: Can not find script file "C:\ProgramData\{1934F1F7-496B-2071-F830-50F328B2837D}\\m...

    Nate | Windows | Latest reply: Nate Jan 22, 2016
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