How To Share Your Location on WhatsApp

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WhatsApp Messenger uses WiFi to allow users to send text messages, pictures, and videos to contacts also utilizing the app. This quick tip will teach you how to share your current location with your WhatsApp contacts.

Send Current Location on WhatsApp for iPhone

Before you are able to share your location with your contacts, you must make sure that you have location services is enabled on WhatsApp.

iPhone users can enable location settings by going to their Settings app > Privacy > Location Services > WhatsApp. Under Allow Location Access, select the While using the app option.

Open WhatsApp and select the conversation or contact of your choice.

Next, tap the arrow icon located to the left of the conversation field. Select the Share my location option from the pop-up list that appears. A map will appear on your screen with a list of nearby points of interest. Tap on any of the options to send the location and address. Alternatively, you may also select the Send Your Location option, which will send your contact the map, without a designated address.

Send Current Location on WhatsApp for Android

Open WhatsApp and select the conversation or contact of your choice.

Next, tap the paperclip icon located in the upper righthand corner of your screen. Select Location.

Wait for the app to detect your current position on the map. When your position has been located, tap on either Send my current location, or select one of the nearby points of interest.

Note that you may also tap on the magnifying glass located towards the top of your screen to find a specific location to send to your contact (i.e. a store or restaurant):
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