How To Create an Instagram 'Story'

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Instagram announced the addition of a new Stories feature to the platform. Stories, which bears a suspicious resemblance to Snapchat's own feature of the same name, allows you to broadcast photos and videos that disappear from Instagram after 24 hours. Despite the fact that the two features are strikingly similar, using Instagram's Story feature isn't exactly identical to using Snapchat's.

This walkthrough will show you how to create a Story on Instagram.

Creating a Story on Instagram

Open Instagram, and tap the + in the top-left corner to launch the Stories camera:

N.B. For a shortcut, you can swipe right to open the camera.

Tap and release the shutter to take a photo, or tap and hold it to record video:

You can also post a photo or video that's already saved on your phone by swiping down and selecting the file that you'd like to use.

Before posting (by tapping the check mark), you can customize the photo or video. Use the Aa option in the top-right corner to add text and the pen icon to the left of it to add a drawing. You can also swipe left and right to add a filter. Save your new masterpiece by tapping the downward-facing arrow in the bottom-right corner:

After uploading, you can watch your own Story, and you'll even be able to see which of your friends has viewed each post in your Story by swiping upward. Tap on any of your friend's rainbow-outlined icons at the top of your screen to view theirs.