What To Do if My Contacts Are Not Displayed in WhatsApp

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You may discover, upon trying to send a message to one of your WhatsApp contacts, that this person doesn't appear in your contact list. This can be annoying, especially if you need to send an urgent message.

This walkthrough will show you how to solve this relatively simple issue.

What To Do If a Contact Doesn't Show Up in WhatsApp

If the friend that you are looking for doesn't appear in your WhatsApp contact list, begin by making sure that the person you're looking for has the app's latest version installed.

If this is the case, your issue may be caused by the totality of your contacts not showing up in your device's contacts list. (This includes contacts from your SIM card, Google, and the internal memory of your device as well as contact groups.)

To show all of your contacts, go to Contacts > Menu > Settings. Then, uncheck and re-check the box next to Show all contacts:

Next, go to Contacts > Menu > Refresh:

Your friend should now appear in your WhatsApp contact list.

Image: © WhatsApp.

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