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How To Send Photos via WhatsApp Without Compressing

WhatsApp automatically compresses all media files while transferring them from one user to another to save data and time. This means that an image that you send to a friend via WhatsApp arrives to your friend with a considerably lower quality. These compressed images can appear pixelated when you upload them onto a computer. However, there is a way to transfer images without compressing them. Continue reading to find out how.

Send Images Without Compressing in WhatsApp

Click the attachment icon in the WhatsApp chat box. Next, click the Document button:

A list of all of your documents, images, and videos will appear on the screen. Select all of the images that you want to send using WhatsApp, and click OPEN:

The receiver will be able to download the images in their original size and quality:

You can double-check this by looking at the file size on both of the devices.

Image: © WhatsApp.
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