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How To Recover a Blocked Facebook Friend

Unfriending or blocking a person which you no longer what to interact with is very simple on Facebook. Luckily it is also easy to unblock and request to add them. This faq will show you how to get started.

How To Unfriend Friends on Facebook

First search for their profile. Move the cursor along the button that says Friends and select Unfriend . This will remove that profile from your friends list. If later on you decide you want to add this person back, you will have to add that person once again by sending a friend request.

Sometimes contacts could have been blocked. So when you go about adding them again, you won't be able to find them. Next we will show you how to unblock Facebook profiles.

Unblocked Someone on Facebook

If you can’t find your contact using the search feature, it's most likely that you blocked them instead of unfriending them. In this case, all you have to do is unblock them and send a new friend request. Access your personal Facebook, then click on the pointed-down arrow<bold> in the top left corner, and select <bold>Settings:

Next, in the left column click Blocking:

In the section Block users, select Unblock, which appears next to the users name you would like to unblock:

A pop-up window will appear click Confirm. Next, search the name of the user you would like to add in the search bar on top and click on their profile. Lastly, send a new friend request by clicking Add Friend. If you can’t easily find the person you would like to add as a friend from the Facebook search bar, you can look for a picture where that person has been tagged on the profile of any other friend you have in common and send a new friend request.

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