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How to send large files with WhatsApp

WhatsApp has gone from being a simple instant messaging service to becoming a complete multimedia communication platform. No longer used just by those who want to speak to their loved ones around the world, it also now functions as tool for professionals and activists.

For work, and other contexts, it may be necessary to send large files through the sapp., and on occasion we find that the file is too large. Fortunately there is a way of sending files up to 100 MB. If you want to find out more, keep reading!

Up until recently WhatsApp only allowed you to send files of up to 15 MB, they have now increased it to 100 MB. You can now send all kinds of content: audio files, long videos, multipage PDF documents, compressed ZIP or RAR files and APK apps, among others.

How to send files up to 100 MB

To send large files, first, open the application and access the conversation within which you want to transfer content. Press the clip-shaped icon and select Documents. In this section, you can choose your file from a list of all files ready to transfer. If the file you wish to send is not among them, press Search for other documents to select content that is stored on your phone, or content that is stored in the Google Drive cloud. Select the desired file: if it does not exceed the limit of 100 MB you can send it automatically.

NOTE: If the file is smaller than 100 MB and you still cannot send it, you may need to update your version of WhatsApp and or check that the file type you are trying to send is accepted.

How to send files larger than 100 MB

If you need to send files larger than 100 MB, unfortunately at the time of writing this article, it is not possible to do so via WhatsApp. In any case, there are multiple free services which allow you transfer this type of content, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or WeTransfer. Also, when it comes to public content, such as YouTube videos of books available online, you can always send the original link for the recipient to access from their own mobile device.

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